Some Fries With Your Stupid?

ProTip: Don’t fall for this. It’s just to add names to the fundraising grift. But do dream of how Possum Holler will be filling in the Dream Ticket: Hair Füror and Rep. 3-Toes.

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9 Responses to Some Fries With Your Stupid?

  1. It would ALMOST be worth the spam influx to put in “Hillary Clinton”

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  2. Another Kiwi says:

    Gotta be Bolsonaro now that Cardinal Pell is dead.

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  3. Jimmy T says:

    Well, he supported K-Mac during the disastrous Speakership hearings, maybe he should choose him…

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  4. ali redford says:

    Should it be, … SaTaN? (picture in your head and ears Carvey’s Church Lady here.)

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  5. robginchicago says:

    Isn’t that cute? Cheetolini thinks they will let him choose his own cellmate.

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  6. jilldennison says:

    I hear ol’ Marge Greene is a contender … that’s enough to sink the ship quickly, just as Sarah Palin sunk McCain’s!

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  7. w3ski4me says:

    Come on now. We all know that no one can shine in the light of his greatnesses. He is the master of all the Universe. He will likely conclude that since he is so great and all-powerful, that he needs no vice president. No one can share in his light. (Excuse me while I unstick my tongue from the inside of my lip). He’s a bum and a crook besides. Who would want to run with that troll?


  8. Buttermilk Sky says:

    Have we forgotten already: “I ALONE can fix it.” And if not for Pence, he would have!

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