Baby You Can Drive My Car

Commuting Virginia Patriot

Whatever it takes to make a zygote a person:

Virginia bill would count a fetus as a car passenger in HOV lanes

A Virginia bill would deem a pregnant person’s fetus a passenger in a car, thereby allowing the vehicle to use the car pool lane on highways.

Reproductive rights activists say the legislation amounts to a thinly veiled attempt by anti-abortion Republican lawmakers to further curtail abortion rights by advancing so-called personhood laws that seek to protect the rights of the unborn through unconventional avenues.

And I wonder how they plan to have the solo occupant prove that they are preggers?

Pro tip: don’t let the zygote pick the music for your commute. You’ll have the Old MacDonald supercut for the whole trip.

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13 Responses to Baby You Can Drive My Car

  1. gruaud says:

    On-the-spot urine tests, I guess.

    This isn’t symptomatic of a society’s swirling-down-the-drain collapse, no sirree.

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    • On-the-spot urine tests, I guess.

      Bonus! Another way to make sure the State knows who is preggers at any given time!!

      Because that’s the next step folks: women Brood Mares must register with the state and be subject to monthly pregnancy tests…

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    • Professor Pupdog says:

      Many people are telling me the Virginia police are pushing for a field version of intravaginal ultrasound.


  2. Jimmy T says:

    From where I stand or sit (if you will), these bills seem positioned on the crazy side…

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  3. Ellis Weiner says:

    Great title for this post.

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  4. Robert Mcneilly says:

    Can a fetus be an irs deduction? That would settle things. Note: I’m pro choice.

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  5. E.A. Blair says:

    A woman got on a crowded bus and she asked a rather conservative-looking man, “Would you mind letting a pregnant woman have a seat?” The guy immediately stood and she took his place. After a few moments, he asked her, “Excuse me, but you don’t look pregnant. How far along are you?”

    She looked at her watch…

    The $500 pandemic child credit excluded pregnant women. All it took was being asked to open their wallets for the GOP to admit that fetuses aren’t really children.

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  6. roket says:

    Soon followed by a law that says a skirt will no longer be allowed in public without a male family member cause you just know they’re going to abuse the system.

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  7. MJG says:

    Well, if we make the sperm donor liable for child support immediately after conception, that would put an end to it.

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  8. MDavis says:

    I seem to remember a case several years ago that the commuter lost. Claimed there were three people in the car, probably brought his shrink to verify the DID.
    Judge said that as long as all the occupants we9re 6confined to one body, they didn’t get to use the HOV lanes.

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