Maybe He’s Outlived His Usefulness?

“Out of my way, you fools! I’m late to do a heart transplant!”

Rep. George Santos says he will not resign even though the Republican Central Committee back home has demanded it.

Now that K-Mac has been elected Speaker and the Rules have been approved, do they even need him anymore? What committees will K-Mac assign him?

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3 Responses to Maybe He’s Outlived His Usefulness?

  1. robginchicago says:

    Kevin’s motives for ducking the issue are entirely selfish and center on McCarthy’s desire to wag his schlong gavel as long as possible. There will be more votes, and he needs to be able to count on as many as he can rope into his service. He is likely thinking that at least George Washington Santos won’t be calling for snap no-confidence votes on a daily basis.

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  2. gruaud says:


    Kevin The Aluminum Monster wishes he had this kind of leverage on the Freedom (for Nazis!) Caucus.

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  3. beckymaenot says:

    They will let this fraud sit in congress and collect his public paycheck. This fucking asshole will be getting paid more than the average american, he won’t do a damn thing for anyone but himself, and this motherfucker will benefit from a health care plan that he and all of his R buddies will deny the rest of the citizenry. Talk about a welfare queen.

    If you hired this asshole off the street for a low level marketing job at your company and found out about his fraudulent resume- you’d fire him on the spot.

    I can not believe this is where we are. In a million years, I never, ever thought that I would miss old Crazy Eyes One L and her closeted hubby- but here we are. It’s going to be a very long 2 years and I don’t really know that my liver can continue to deliver after the TRE45ON administration.


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