We’re Totally Eff’ed In The Dark

All but one Republican in the House voted for their rules package, and so can we please stop saying that there are sane or moderate Republicans now?

A quick reaction from George Santos when he was told that the Rules package would directly defund the House Ethics Committee:

When Republican Rep. George Santos was asked for a comment, he said, “I think it’s fantastic.”

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5 Responses to We’re Totally Eff’ed In The Dark

  1. annieasksyou says:

    As to your question, my response is Alas, yes! Though I never thought there were moderates or conservatives, I was counting upon instincts of self-preservation they all lack—in addition to spines, decency, and a shred of responsibility.

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  2. gruaud says:

    January 6, 2022: yeah, some eggs were broken.

    January 9, 2023: but look at dis fuckin’ omelet!

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  3. HarpoSnarx says:

    Not to quibble but I thought the Dims had plans, strategies, countermeasures, anticoups; the bright spot, the rats hate each other along with everyone else so they will trip over each other as they bait, and screw the country. Come on Dims at least TRY make it hard for them.


    • In a 220-213 vote largely along party lines, the House passed the rules under which it will operate for the 118th Congress.

      They all voted against it. At this point it’s all they can do. Buckle up, strap on your helmets everyone… the next two years are gonna be a rough ride.

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  4. <

    blockquote>When Republican Rep. George Santos was asked for a comment, he said, “I think it’s fantastic.”

    *”…now I can finally reveal that I, George Santos, am actually Grigorii Santominski, hand-picked by Leader Vladimir himself, FSB infiltrator of foolish US Congress. You Republican voters SO stupid! SO Useful idiots!

    I’ll take my Intelligence Committee Chairmanship now, comrade McCarthy!”*

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