The Rules of Succession

Our Pals over at Electoral-Vote reminds us:

The office of Speaker of the House of Representatives is currently vacant. And when an office is vacant, or is occupied by someone not eligible to serve as president (e.g., someone who is not a natural-born citizen), then their spot in the order just gets skipped.

So, if Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were to die, resign, or become incapacitated today, then the presidency would devolve upon the fourth person in line. However, that is not Mitch McConnell. It is newly elected President pro tempore of the Senate Patty Murray (D-WA).

And over at Tiger Beat on the Potomac (thanks Charlie!) email thingie, we learn:

MILESTONE MARKER — A tennis-shoe-clad Sen. PATTY MURRAY (D-Wash.) became the first female Senate president pro tempore in history Tuesday — and, with no House speaker yet, temporarily second in line to the presidency. “When I was elected, it was called ‘the year of the woman,’ and we were six. And I think a lot of the men, although they wouldn’t tell you this, were just sort of like, ‘Oh my God, what are those women going to do when they’re here?’” Murray reflected to WaPo’s Liz Goodwin. “And I think over time we have earned the respect of not only them but people around the country that we are serious about our roles.”

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