UPDATED: The State of Play Day 2

K-Mac’s Political Machine Hard At Work

All good Scissorheads knew that K-Mac would have an uphill battle yesterday, but nothing could have prepared us for the euphoria to watch him flail through it. That was delightful, wasn’t it?!

Anyway, the Republican members who voted for someone other than McCarthy are:

  • Andy Biggs (AZ)
  • Dan Bishop (NC)
  • Lauren Boebert (CO)
  • Josh Brecheen (OK)
  • Andrew Clyde (GA)
  • Eli Crane (AZ)
  • Michael Cloud (TX)
  • Byron Donalds (FL) —Donalds was the one who switched his vote from McCarthy to Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) in Round 3.
  • Matt Gaetz (FL)
  • Bob Good (VA)
  • Paul Gosar (AZ)
  • Andy Harris (MD)
  • Mary Miller (IL)
  • Ralph Norman (SC)
  • Andy Ogles (TN)
  • Anna Paulina Luna (FL)
  • Scott Perry (PA)
  • Matt Rosendale (MT)
  • Chip Roy (TX)
  • Keith Self (TX)

If those names look familiar it might be because most of ‘em were in the news for The Big Lie. So in many ways we can assume that they answer to The Big Liar, right?

And speaking of the Big Liar, Lord Damp Nut took to his struggling boutique platform and farted out “Kevin McCarthy will do a good job, and maybe even a GREAT JOB – JUST WATCH!”

And then:

And yeah, our Very Stable Jenius did say that the Republicans’ problems in the House are the fault of the Republican leader in the Senate.

So the point being is that even Hair Füror cannot get his dopes, mopes, toadies and minions to fall in line.

Of course, this is very humiliating for K-Mac, and so for some comfort, we look back to recent Republican Speakers:

  • Noot: Resigned in a sex scandal (Hi Calli!)  and left Congress
  • David Bob Livingston: Resigned in a sex scandal just after Noot; technically he never was sworn in. [Ed. Note, we regret the error. David Livingston was a high school friend, and as far as I know never involved in a sex scandal at the Capitol.]
  • The Bugman: Delay was removed on corruption charges, went to prison, became  a Born Again (of course)
  • Dennis Hastert: Resigned and later went to prison for pedophile sex abuse back when he was a wrestling coach
  • John Boehner: Resigned and left Congress
  • Paul Ryan: Resigned and left Congress

OK, maybe not all that comforting. But K-Mac would fit in on that list very nicely.

Tiger Beat morning email thingie:

The House is now paralyzed, unable to swear in its members or form committees or adopt rules — let alone pass legislation. And the scary realization for the GOP rank and file is that there’s no easy way out of this mess and no sign that one is going to appear anytime soon.

Fact is, while this fight is over KEVIN McCARTHY, it’s about way more than Kevin McCarthy. Disagreement over governing tactics started brewing when JOHN BOEHNER was speaker and only escalated after PAUL RYANsucceeded him. DONALD TRUMP’s election to the White House papered over those differences for a time and delayed a climactic showdown between the conservative hardliners eager to make fundamental change in Washington and the party leaders who see anarchy in their demands.

That showdown is now here, and after an overnight recess, it will continue on the House floor at noon today. But will anything change?

Anyway, the state of play is that K-Mac tried and failed three times to get over the line, they adjourned and will try again at noon Eastern time.

UPDATE 1: Vote 4

K-Mac is STILL bad at his job

The vote totals for the fourth round:

Hakeem Jeffries – 212
Kevin McCarthy – 201
Byron Donalds – 20
Other – 0
Present – 1 – K-Mac actually lost another vote when Rep. Victoria Spartz (R-IN) voted “present,”

It’s also worth noting that Hair Füror’s ringing endorsement of K-Mac had no effect on votes.

Hilariously, K-Mac and his team is unable to pass an adjournment resolution.

UPDATE: here’s round #5

Once again, K-Mac didn’t move even one vote in his direction. He’s really bad at his job.

UPDATE 6: Same old verse, a little bit louder and a little bit worse: On the sixth overall ballot, K-Mac got 201 votes, well ahead of Republican Byron Donalds (Fla.), who got 20 votes. Republican Victoria Spartz (Ind.), on Wednesday voted “present” for the third time after voting for McCarthy during Tuesday’s ballots.

UPDATE 7: Holy Hell, they are coming back at 8PM Eastern. They still have some kicking to do.

UPDATE 8: Phew, the motion to adjourn passed by a scant 2 votes. K-Mac lives to be KICKED IN THE OOMPA-LOOMPAS AGAIN TOMORROW!

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24 Responses to UPDATED: The State of Play Day 2

  1. Ten Bears says:

    The return of the Do Nothing Congress, AKA Nothing Gets Done

    Operation Just Let Them Speak! v2 …

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  2. It’s not like the Freedumm rabble Caucus has the votes to elect a Speaker. Maybe the GQP shoulda anticipated this as they were building their rabid base of lunatics and nihilists.

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  3. gruaud says:

    What I want to know is why McCarthy hasn’t demanded a recount, called the vote a Big Lie, and started an armed insurrection.

    Isn’t that customary with Republicans now?

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  4. Mike B. says:

    I’m happy to see the GOP flail for a good long time, but eventually we need a functioning House that will deal with the Democratic Senate and Joe Biden, at least to get an Appropriations Bill passed. That isn’t needed for quite a while, but I hope the House GOP doesn’t let itself be run by the minority that thinks making a deal with Democrats is always wrong, even when the GOP gets some of what they want.

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  5. RevZafod says:

    Maybe six Rethugs should recognize a winner and switch their votes to Hakeem Jeffries.

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  6. glitterbug says:

    The proverbial dog has caught the car. LOL!

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  7. Mike B. says:

    What’s interesting is the present vote by a Republican. That technically helps Jeffries (not nearly enough) by lowering the threshold to 217.

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    • Mike B. says:

      People on CNN’s website keep writing that her (Victoria Spartz of Indiana) present vote lowers McCarthy’s threshold to 217. But she took a vote away from McCarthy, so Jeffries is the only one who moved closer to the threshold.


  8. purplehead says:

    Oh, this is so entertaining! I suggested to a good friend who is in the hospital right now, that he tune in to the RCCS-Republican Congressional Clown Show to cheer him up. But it might still hurt him to laugh.


  9. maybe they should vote the Pod Person Kevin McCarthy


  10. gruaud says:

    I think all this popcorn is making me sick.

    Switching to potato chips!

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  11. If this somehow starts affecting the house republican’s income, their personal paycheck, a speaker will get voted in.


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  13. Redhand says:

    Well, I think that Qeven is toast so far as the speakership is concerned.

    To employ a truly archaic and obscure phrase from WWII aviation, “Shoot, you’re faded.”

    From the link. It’s a:

    gambling term * * * from the game of craps.

    A shooter puts some money down and another player or players fade him. The player is betting he will win, the faders betting he will lose.

    It adorned the noses of many U.S. heavy bombers.

    There remains some controversy over what it actually meant.

    Some claim it means the bet is “covered,” so you’ll win, but I prefer the explanation, “It’s a statement to the enemy. ‘You lose'”

    One unrelated point. I remain astounded that Trump continues to use an ethnic slur, “Coco Chow,” against Moscow Mitch’s wife. It is unimaginable to me that a former president could be so base. He really is a despicable excuse for a human being.

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    • Richard says:

      Yes Mr Redhand everytime our former president opens his mouth i cant believe what i just heard. He is base indeed, and his supporters and sycophants are deplorable. I don’t think i will ever be able to trust a Republican again.


  14. Sirius Lunacy says:

    So if a couple of Dems can convince a dozen or so Rs to meet for dinner and drinks to ‘negotiate’ a solution and can keep them occupied past the 8PM reconvening Jeffries could win this thing.


  15. osirisopto says:

    Negotiating with terrorists.


  16. Mike B. says:

    McCarthy should just move for a rules change that gives the speakership to the person with the most votes. This requires only a majority vote, but the Dems would probably go for it. Then it’s straight up McCarthy or Jeffries. A few of the holdouts have reportedly said they would still not vote for McCarthy, so it’s a gamble, but at least it would end this.


    • gruaud says:

      Great point, but neither the Dems (let the Repukes twist in the wind) nor the Nazi caucus (Carthago delenda est!) would agree to that proposal, IMO.

      But what might happen is that members skip the vote or just vote ‘present’. Then the requisite number of votes would drop from 218 to something with a higher probability of success.


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