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George Santos

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I’d say you cannot make this up, but clearly they could: Republicans are doing whatever they can to save George Santos (if that is his real name) from himself:

There are proposed changes to the Office of Congressional Ethics that would remove Democrats from the office’s board and make it harder to staff, which governmental ethics experts condemned Monday and suggested could make it harder for incoming Rep. George Santos (R-N.Y.) to face repercussions for lying about much of his background.

You know, it’s not likely that any of the rest of them would ever be worried about being investigated for ethics violations. They will keep their 4-person majority no matter what outrageous lies they must ignore!

Also, some other planned changes (they have a LOT of oxen to gore, as it were):

The House would be allowed to take up a series of controversial bills outside of its normal processes, which could make them easier to pass, including legislation prohibiting taxpayer funds from being used on abortions, authorizing Homeland Security to suspend the entry of migrants into the country, increasing oil and gas production and adding additional healthcare restrictions regarding fetuses who survive attempted abortions.

So, essentially to continue to punch down on The Skirts and to lift up the billionaire Oil and Gas industries.

What else you got, Elephants?

The GOP plans to eliminate a resolution that established labor unions for House staffers, after workers unionized last term amid a broader controversy over low pay and poor working conditions for Capitol Hill employees.

Anti-Union activity is always a good, good with their corporate masters. The Billionaires love to see unions busted. And so what if that means your staff (who in reality do most of the work) are screwed, Ayn Rand must have her tribute!

What else?

The proposed rules reestablish a “cut-as-you-go” policy that requires any increases in mandatory government spending to be offset by decreases in spending elsewhere, which outgoing House Rules Committee chair Rep. James McGovern (D-Mass.) criticized as an effort to “more easily cut taxes on billionaire corporations while slashing the social safety net.”

So, more shadow tax cuts for their owners. Such good little proles.

Got anything for Hair Füror?

The House January 6 Committee, which dissolved at the end of 2022, will be required to turn over all of its underlying documents to the Committee on House Administration, rather than the National Archives, which the Los Angeles Times suggests could mean Republicans will launch their own counter-investigation to “rebut” the committee’s high-profile probe.

Hair Füror does love a good ass kissing.

And, of course, a grab bag of other goodies:

Other proposed measures include requiring the House to consider resolutions that oppose defunding law enforcement and attacks on anti-abortion rights facilities and organizations; making it easier for lawmakers to oust the Speaker of the House and reimposing the “Holman Rule,” which allows lawmakers to cut federal employees’ salaries or terminate them and get rid of government programs.

The alert reader notices that there is nothing here that actually helps old Ned in Possum Hollar, but boy-howdy, the Beltway is gonna cleanup.

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6 Responses to The Save George Santos Act

  1. E.A. Blair says:

    The way to deal with George Santos is to start a rumor that his name is actually George Soros, then sit back and watch the MADAts tear him apart.

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  2. Another Kiwi says:

    Wow, they really DGAF now. Did they ever? he asked Nixonly.

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  3. Stony Pillow says:


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  4. roket says:

    The 118th Congress will go down in history as the “Make Shit Up As You Go” Congress.

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  5. Mike B. says:

    Since the January 6 Committee dissolved, it no longer exists, so how can it be required to do anything? Didn’t they turn everything over to the Justice Department?


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