Midday Palate Cleanser

I think we’re all worried about 2023, tbh.


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  1. MDavis says:

    Poor dog looks like “What? You mean I can’t bark any more?? Is my doggy life even worth living?”
    Followed, we hope, by a wagging tail and “Oh,look! Snacks!!”


  2. I’m not too worried about 2023, actually. I hope, of course, we have some clients step forward with paying work, but otherwise my wife has gotten frenzied about traveling, and we are going to Mexico City, to an Outlaw Country Cruise, Israel/Jordan and one other I forget.


  3. rant /

    I get to START 2023 by herding everyone at work through a forced (by a not necessarily clueful, not-at-all IT savvy boss’es boss’es boss) email migration to the central university email system.

    “Why does your college have it’s own email system? You will standardize on the University’s!”

    “Because you gave us our own Office365 sub-tenant when the Main campus switched 5 years ago, and we provide vastly better support for our people.” is apparently no longer a valid reason.

    (At the very beginning of this process we discovered to our horror that the entire rest of campus has as many people running O365 as we do…and we have three people )

    Now because the students are all on Google for Education, and faculty/staff are on Office365, we’re having to handhold ~450 students through manually migrating any stored emails because the (expensive, which we had to pay for, natch) O365 migration tool is only being used for faculty/staff, and only works between O365-O365.

    Because, insanely, Main Campus decided that they would sever the money stream students from faculty/staff because a vocal minoroty were unwilling to give up their exchange/Outlook-based systems when this whole thing started “Why would anyone ever want to use anything but Outlook?” the guy in charge of this answered me in one of the planning meetings when I asked about “other email client compatibility”.

    So 2023 is gonna be another continuation of the “2020, 2020 Won, 2020 Too” sequence of doom or with vast luck and the river don’t rise, just the ending fireworks barrage of a three year-long clusterfuck.

    AND I have to get up far too early this morning to go to work! Bleagh!



    • tengrain says:

      Oh, I remember those days: “we need to migrate off of X to Y so we can reduce redundant systems and streamline operations.”

      I remember a division at the BIG DATABASE company trying to migrate everything off of a competitors servers in the data centers to their own Brand server without thinking about how we developed and sold products to run on those other servers.

      Stupidity was like a point of pride at Itty Bitty Machines.




    • MDavis says:

      I once had to explain to the bosses the necessity of a delay in the scheduled Y2K upgrade. It wasn’t ready, the contractor’s boss had underestimated the time required, and somehow I got to be the point person to insist we have our systems working rather than do the migration on the original schedule and lose mission critical data and function.
      Our managers listened, though, although when I ended up managing the entire ERP system I was still just a “clerk”. They got to justify paying me crap with that little move.
      Still one of the funnest jobs I’ve had.


      • Our managers listened, though, although when I ended up managing the entire ERP system I was still just a “clerk”.

        The hazards of being correct in front of right wrong! people, I guess. The College got a new building in 2006, and my boss, (the IT director) got involved in the planning and construction phase just to make sure our offices and data center were done correctly, and for his troubles was made the college point of contact for the entire construction project…I think we still have a complete set of building blueprints in a cabinet in our office.

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      • MDavis says:

        And all I got was the database schema printouts.
        I tried just printing it on the office printer when I was trying to visualize how everything was connected, but it came out weird until some kind soul got it printed to one of the plotters in the place.
        And that was my introduction to databases.


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