Expert Fudges Annual Report

Did you guys know that the Chief Justice of our antiquated, stacked, and totally illegitimate Supreme Court is required to turn in a yearly report?

The thing is a howler!

Subjects you will not find in the report include the shocking leak on the abortion ruling (or the word abortion itself), not any mention that under his leadership, The Roberts Court has the lowest approval rating in modern history.

I’m not making this up: The report for 2022 starts off reviewing 1954’s Brown v Board of Education (for some reason) for three out of the scant nine-page report. It includes pictures.

Roberts then thanks Congress for legislating protection for them, but never states why they needed it (because Opus Dei’s own Sammie the Witch Burner took away 50 years of constitutionally protected rights? We’re only guessing). Instead, he tells the tragic story of Judge Esther Salas’s son who was killed answering the door at the family home.

Roberts also thanked:

I thank the U.S. Marshals, Court Security Officers, Federal Protective Service Officers, Supreme Court Police Officers, and their partners who are on duty as we ring in the year, working to ensure that judges can sit in courtrooms to serve the public throughout the coming year and beyond. They will make it possible for every American to visit a courthouse, because the buildings and what they represent belong to the public.

That takes up page four.

The final 5 pages are statistics for the entire Federal Court System.

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5 Responses to Expert Fudges Annual Report

  1. ryinger77 says:

    They do represent some significant architectural and historical value. It is an honor to own them and be able to visit with the kids without worrying about untrained individuals with lethal weapons. My hope is that one day soon us owners will be able to get justice in there.

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  2. roket says:

    He was wearing his rose colored glasses when he wrote that

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  3. The report for 2022 starts off reviewing 1954’s Brown v Board of Education (for some reason) for three out of the scant nine-page report. It includes pictures.

    [dons ‘Carnac the Magnificent’ hat]

    It was double spaced with 18 point type and two and a half inch margins.

    [opens envelope]

    “How did Justice Roberts pad his annual report?”

    Much more chilling is the opening about Brown. That was not a mystery or mere historic memory.

    Never EVER forget that the impetus behind the entire theocratic right was never abortion, but integration:

    He’s telegraphing to the theocratic right what this “Court” is prepared to do for them.

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  4. laura says:

    Chief Justice Shite-bag is signaling his determination to deliver apartheid america to his theocratic owners toot de suite.
    Fuck that guy.

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  5. ali redford says:

    Bankruptcy cases filed went down. I wonder what that says about the economy?


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