What Are You Wearing Tonight?

The message this season is: Shoulders and Fascism! It’s a look that says, proudly, Achtung, Baby! 

(H/T Scissorhead M Davis)

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11 Responses to What Are You Wearing Tonight?

  1. ali redford says:

    Ugh. 🤷‍♀️
    Still, Republicans complained about that dress Rep. Ocasio-Cortez wore to a Met Gala, but then they’re hawking these. I like the dress generally, I loved Rep. AOC’s dress, but this dress’s message is awful so I don’t care for these. But Republicans should STFU.

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  2. osirisopto says:

    The message is “SOLD! to the highest bidder, cash only, small non-sequential bills, up front.”

    P.S. Why do I expect the labels to read 中國製造

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  3. Another Kiwi says:

    I am surprised and pleased by their show of diversity in allowing a red-haired woman in there.

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  4. Richard says:

    Are you done yet? How long are we going to put up with this ceremony? You assholes dont even know how to get drunk. Children, no matter what you see, dont be like these people.

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