RIP, Barbara Walters

Barbara Walters has left the studio at age 93, and she was important: she shattered the glass ceiling of the Old Boys Club and made a difference to the culture. No matter what you thought of her journalism, her contribution to our society and culture is enormous and we all benefited from it. Generations of women journalists are standing on Walters’ shoulders; she showed us all what women can do.

And she proved she could take a joke.

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  1. If you thought her journalism was anything but stellar, you’re remembering SNL not her, because she was one of the greats, male or female.

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  2. Jimmy T says:

    I hadn’t seen that one until now, and yeah she had a refined sense of humor. This one is my favorite video of hers when she interviewed Donald Trump. She didn’t suffer fools lightly…

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    • rawgod says:

      Always an ass, when once an ass. How anyone ever voted for him for president, they should cut off their voting hand. They mist really hate America. MAKE an ASSHOLE a GOON AGAIN. Preferably a goon in an orange jumpsuit, not in an orange toupee.


  3. Jimmy T says:

    The full interview is here. If you can stand it is here…

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  4. gruaud says:

    A fearless pioneer, she has my utmost respect.

    But, lest we forget, Ms Walters asked Katharine Hepburn the immortal question: “If you were a tree, what kind would you be?”

    I remember turning to my cat and asking “that really just happened, didn’t it?”

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  5. jilldennison says:

    I have always admired and respected Barbara Walters. However, I learned something disturbing today … that she dated and had a lifelong admiration for Roy Cohn, the bigot who taught Donald Trump everything he knows. That threw me a little … I thought she was better than that.


    • tengrain says:

      Jill –

      Roy Cohn batted for the other team. I think your admiration for Barbara can continue unabated.



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      • jilldennison says:

        Yes, he did, but he and Barbara Walters were close for many years. Oh, I still respect her and her work, but I’m not pleased to know that she knew what Roy Cohn was and still remained a close friend to him. Apparently he once bailed her father out, and she was so grateful they formed a close bond. I am going to look into it deeper, though.


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    Barbara Walters interviews pond scum back in the day.


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