Happy New Year From MPS

When the Thunderbolt Greaselapper first belched out a post in 2006, who knew that 16 G-D years later we would still be here, shouting into the void and taking deadly aim with our spitballs?

I thank you from the tip of my nose to the bottom of my toes, Scissorheads, for being here every step of the way! Sure MPS is our primal scream, but we do have lovely harmony.

Now go out there and win the evening, (paraphrasing Tiger Beat’s old Old OLD mantra) because tomorrow the nonsense starts all over again and we need to be in good voice.


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18 Responses to Happy New Year From MPS

  1. Another Kiwi says:

    I will raise a glass to the memory of Mr. BBBB, while listening to Stiff Little Fingers, too. Damn that was 2022 in a nutshell.

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  2. Richard says:

    Oh that broke my heart when i heard the news. For me, the Big Bald Bastard was a friend and a warrior. I will raise a glass for him.

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  3. ali redford says:

    Here’s to a great upcoming year. Tomorrow we go back to work on that, but lots got done in ’22, and I appreciate all of it. 🌟🎆🖖☮🎆🌟

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  4. Thanks for keeping this thing together, TG, this is a great community to be a part of. Zombie-accepting.

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  5. purplehead says:

    Whew-eeee, 16 years! TG has cleverly and nimbly and hilariously and smartly guided us through 16 years of trash. For that I am ever so grateful. I first read you on watertiger’s blog. And then she disappeared, but by then I had found MPS. Ra-men. And then watertiger reappeared on Twit. So all is well. In the trash-hopping arena. Thank you, TG. And for the World’s Best and Funniest anad Smartest Commenters!

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    • Mike B. says:

      I think I might have found this via watertiger also. Started reading it in Shrub’s administration, maybe during the 2008 goat rodeo (always liked that term and the goat GIFs, and posts titled “Goat Down!” when someone dropped out). Took a break from when Trump was elected until Biden was inaugurated. During that time I tried to avoid seeing or reading about Trump as much as possible.


  6. moeman says:

    All the best of 2023 to TG and the Scissorheads (sounds like a band name).

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  7. For all of those 16 years, I don’t think there’s a post I’ve missed – each one golden (granted, some are gold dust, some are gold bars). I very much appreciate you being here and using your voice in such a delightfully meaningful way. There are few places on the ‘net where civility, humour, intellect, and honour intersect. I’m delighted to have found that here.

    Sincere thanks for what you do.

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  8. CalicoJack says:

    Happy New Year, y’all! I feel fortunate to have found the community that TG built. It is pretty amazing and a testament to his good humor and positiveness that it is so welcoming and supportive. We are stronger together.


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