Republicans Want Their Own Select Committee

Republican caucus

The Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government is about to become a thing, per Tiger Beat on the Potomac’s morning email thingie:

Meanwhile, Jordain Carney has a scoop about the latest demand from the right: a new select committee that would centralize investigations of JOE BIDEN’s administration.

From the story: “While the Republican leader and soon-to-be committee chairs have already lined up a laundry list of investigations that will largely command the House GOP’s agenda next year, it’s not enough for some McCarthy critics,” Carney writes. “Some of those opposing and on the fence about the Californian’s speakership bid want him to start a new panel, one that could direct probes against the entities they’ve castigated for years, including the FBI, the Justice Department, the IRS and ANTHONY FAUCI.”

This could get dicey fast. We closely covered the intraparty turf wars between House Democratic investigators during the Trump years, and you can be sure a new panel would upend what incoming Oversight Chair JAMES COMER (R-Ky.) and Judiciary Chair JIM JORDAN (R-Ohio) already have planned for their own committees (though the members pushing the new panel appear to be eyeing Jordan as its potential leader).

They are likely to get their wish as K-Mac will do anything to get the gavel. From the article,

But after largely percolating on the edges of the conference and conservative media, the calls are getting harder for the speaker hopeful to ignore. Several members who McCarthy needs to win over if he’s going to secure the gavel are openly using the creation of such a panel — to investigate what they call a “weaponized government” — as a bargaining chip as the California Republican tries to lock down their votes.

A select committee to investigate their own conspiracy theories? I hope someone finally gets to the bottom of the Lizard People invasion, and how Comet PingPong managed to hide their basement, and what actually is in Podesta’s infamous bolognese sauce. Email! What are they? Squeaky toy Jim Jordan’s jacket? Where is it?!

Oh, Lord, we are in for 2 years of choice buffoonery.

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14 Responses to Republicans Want Their Own Select Committee

  1. roket says:

    I feel sorry for the guy in charge of keeping track of the unintended consequences.

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  2. Martin Pollard says:

    I can see the overreach happening even before it begins. It’s going to be spectacular watching their blood lust and desire for revenge backfire on them “bigly.”

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  3. We closely covered the intraparty turf wars between House Democratic investigators during the Trump years

    Aaand there’s the relflexive bothsides über allestwitch we expect from Tiger Beat on the Potomac.

    If what they saw in the Democratic party were “turf wars” they’re gonna be stunned at the “Lets compress World War One’s bloody trench warfare stalemates into two years of Congress” the GQP is about to embark on.

    Lots of people are going to have to atart practicing their “Can you believe this bullshit??” expression..

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  4. Jimmy T says:

    Pretty sure the depicted “hamburglar” is none other than TFG…

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  5. It’s gonna play out like a poorly-written stage comedy executed by drunken pre-schoolers on a rickety makeshift backyard stage. High-larity will ensue …

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  6. Mike B. says:

    I would like to see an impartial (which of course this will not be) investigation of how the government has been “weaponized.” If impartial, it would of course not be confined to the Democratic administrations. We had the Church Committee (in the Senate) in 1975 investigating the CIA, FBI, NSA and IRS. It could use some updating, since I’m sure the abuses didn’t stop then.

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  7. Bill Warner says:

    We’re in for 2 years of monkeys flinging poo in the house chamber.

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  8. Everything noted above will indeed happen – but the real tragedy of this circus will be that the milquetoast DOJ will absolutely NOT take any action against the traitors involved in the committees for fear of looking partisan.

    I mean, they almost certainly wouldn’t have anyway, but this seals it for these traitorous criminals. They will get away with all of their crimes against the American people during the Trump years, thereby ensuring that it will happen again, at greater volume (can you turn it up past 11?).

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    • MDavis says:

      I blame Ruby Ridge and Waco. Those fiascos de-emboldened the feds so that they now second, third, and fourth guess every move against crime, looking for every bad optic. The optic they should be looking at, in my opinion, lies in the forest rather than the trees.


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