K-Mac Is Really Bad At His Job, part infinity

K-Mac’s Political Machine Hard At Work

Just when you thought K-Mac couldn’t be any worse at politics, well, he is:

House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy has offered a key concession to critics of his bid for the House speakership during private conversations this week: reducing the threshold that is required to force a floor vote on ousting the sitting speaker, according to six Republican sources familiar with the internal discussions.

McCarthy has been trying to find a compromise threshold that would appease his critics enough to earn their speaker vote, while still being palatable to the rest of the House GOP, and has been sounding out all corners of the conference in private phone calls this week.

One of the numbers that has come up in recent conversations between McCarthy and GOP lawmakers – and which has not been previously reported – is a five-person threshold, according to two of the Republican sources.

According to the moderates, the lowest they are willing to go is 50, and MAGA says the highest they are willing to go is 1.

We note that there are 5 hardliners on record saying that they won’t vote for him, so if this negotiation were to actually be accepted, it guarantees that if he is somehow or another elected Speaker, he will be removed and probably immediately.

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7 Responses to K-Mac Is Really Bad At His Job, part infinity

  1. YellowDog says:

    Bridled ambition

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  2. gruaud says:

    Jesus, Kevin…head on the chopping block much?

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  3. This means the 118th Congress will probably hold the record for most “Speakers” ever, because the moment anything comes up that the various “Freedom Caucus Of The Peoples”, “Peoples Freedom Caucus”, “Freedom and Marjorie Caucus”, Etc etc factions don’t like, they will demand a new election.

    Pretty sure it’ll make Italian government look like a historically stable and staid affair.

    Popcorn futures! Invest now!

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  4. Will Representative K-Mac get to show off his copyrighted double-tonguing technique he’s been rehearsing with TFG?

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  5. roket says:

    Thanks Kevin for showing us how low you can go in advance. This gives us an inkling of how many republicans it takes to destroy Congress.

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