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Now try getting out of the tree.

Such a surprise:

WASHINGTON — House Republican leaders were silent on Tuesday after Representative-elect George Santos admitted to a laundry list of falsehoods about his background but still vowed to be seated in Congress.

Mr. Santos acknowledged in a series of interviews on Monday that he lied about graduating from college and made misleading claims that he worked for Citigroup or Goldman Sachs. He acknowledged owing thousands of dollars in unpaid rent and denied committing a crime anywhere in the world, despite a New York Times report to the contrary.

The muted response from party leaders suggested that so far they were prepared to mete out little, if any, punishment to an incoming lawmaker who, while deceiving voters, flipped an open seat formerly held by a Democrat and helped Republicans secure their razor-thin House majority.

Look, they never kicked out Rep. 3-Toes, Bo-Bo, or America’s Aging Prom Date Matt Gaetz, either. And besides, K-Mac is really bad at his job:

House Republicans, led by Representative Kevin McCarthy of California, have consistently closed ranks around members of their party facing scrutiny for a litany of misdeeds, including candidates who rallied at the Capitol on Jan. 6 and sitting lawmakers who appeared at a white nationalist conference. In Mr. Santos’s case, they likely have even less political incentive to take action.

If Republican leaders demanded Mr. Santos resign — and he did so — it would prompt a special election in a swing seat, a potential blow to Republicans’ already precarious majority. And the incoming congressman had pledged to vote for Mr. McCarthy for speaker next week, a critical display of support for the Republican leader, who is facing a mini-revolt on the right and needs every vote he can get.

“Vote for K-Mac, the Speaker for the rest of us,” Santos did not say. In fact, he took down his tweet in support of K-Mac less anyone get the impression that K-Mac is the candidate of grifters and frauds?

(Mr. Santos appeared to have deleted his entreaty on Twitter posted last week arguing that Republicans “MUST give the gavel” to Mr. McCarthy. Representatives for Mr. Santos did not immediately respond when asked about the deletion.)

You really cannot make up this stuff. But in fairness, the GOP has let Hair Füror lead it for the past 6+ years, and that man never said one honest word the entire time. It would be highly out of character for them to suddenly worry about Santos’ veracity, as if it would tarnish them?

Santos has more integrity than K-Mac at this point, and a better chance of becoming Speaker, too.

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  1. So where DID the $700k he “loaned” his campaign really come from?

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    • tengrain says:

      I don’t know, but he was at the Schlapp’s Christmas Party (and 2022 Portfolio Review) with other notable scumbags who have similar questions in their background, I bet that they can help answer that question.



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  3. Burr Deming says:

    Best ironic line in this informative piece:
    “You really cannot make up this stuff.”

    I don’t care if it was unconscious witticism or not:
    Well played, sir! Well played!

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  4. paul fredine says:

    as always in cases like this, one wonders what their reaction would be if santos had been a a bid ‘d’?
    insert screaming of crowd with torches and pitchforks storming frankenstein’s castle.

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