Greg Abbott, Rolling Blunder, Boldly Enters 2024 Goat Rodeo

H/T Scissorhead Jimmy-T

Self-proclaimed Xristian and America’s leading roller Nazi, Gov. Greg Abbott (R-Texas, America’s Lab for Bad Policy) sent three busloads of undocumented immigrants to Washington DC on Christmas Eve, because… maybe there was no room at the inn? He was so devoted to away-in-a-manger tableaux that he wanted to share? It’s unclear.

Anyway, the immigrants —who had no idea what was going on— were dropped off in front of VP Kamala Harris’ official residence and were immediately taken care of. Per Axios’ morning email thingie,

The bus drops have become common enough in D.C. that a network of churches is ready to spring into action.

  • [Claudia Tristán, a volunteer with the Migrant Solidarity Mutual Aid Network, ] told me that within half an hour of the arrival of the first bus, the migrants were on their way to a church to be warmed with coffee, tamales, beans and rice, and rotisserie chicken.

Tristán used a Bluetooth speaker to play Christmas carols in Spanish.

The group included enough toddlers that a play area was set up for them.

  • Tristán said the migrants were from many different countries, including Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic and Chile.

The aid network sent the migrants on to destinations where they have contacts, including Philly, Boston and Washington State.

Of course, the cynical amongst us already is thinking of fellow fascist Floriduh Gov. Ron DeSantis’ similar stunt where he trafficked people from Texas to Florida, and then sent them to Martha’s Vineyard to own the Libs, who immediately took care of them, too. I believe DeSantos paid a Republican donor big bucks from Floriduh taxpayers for the chartered flight, do it seems that Abbott missed an opportunity. Study the notes, Abbott.

So it is probably the case that Abbott is soon planning to challenge DeSantis in the 2024 Goat Rodeo for who is the cruelest SOB in the race.

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10 Responses to Greg Abbott, Rolling Blunder, Boldly Enters 2024 Goat Rodeo

  1. roket says:

    Further proof that Southern Baptists are fake Christians

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  2. gruaud says:

    (Note: sarcasm is not dripping here; it’s gushing)

    Well I do my best to understand dear
    But you still mystify
    and I want to know why
    I pick myself up off the ground
    To have you knock me back down,
    again and again
    And when I ask you to explain,
    you say

    You’ve gotta be cruel to be kind,
    in the right measure
    Cruel to be kind,
    it’s a very good sign
    Cruel to be kind,
    means that I love you baby
    (You’ve gotta be cruel)
    You gotta be cruel to be kind

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  3. Zorba says:

    Reblogged this on Politicians Are Poody Heads and commented:

    Many long years ago when Son Zorba was in high school, he told me “I could never be a Republican, Mom. They’re so mean.”
    He was right then, and he’s still right.

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  4. Zorba says:

    And where is Richard Widmark when we need him?

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  5. MDavis says:

    The aid network sent the migrants on to destinations where they have contacts, including Philly, Boston and Washington State.

    Also in the news – in Washington State, three transfer stations were sabotage resulting in power outages for thousands.
    Coincidence? Yeah, probably, in this case.

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