K-Mac is Really Bad At His Job, Part ∞

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K-Mac’s Political Machine Hard At Work

Tiger Beat on the Potomac (thanks Charlie!) morning email thingie has a brutal interview with Never Kevin enthusiast and Freedom Caucus nut job Rep. Bob Good (R-VA) who goes long on K-Mac. A couple of passages jump out (emphasis mine):

“Kevin McCarthy is not a conservative; he doesn’t have an ideological core,” Good told us, echoing a criticism that’s been made many times over. “He kind of just floats with whatever’s politically expedient.” Worse, he said, is that “even those who are supporting him will privately tell you they know he’s untrustworthy,” Good said, citing conversations with colleagues who include a committee ranking member. He posited that McCarthy delayed key organizing decisions until after the Jan. 3 vote because “I suspect he’s promised … multiple people the same thing.”

Oh, man, if true that’s really stupid. Also, if true, I’m sure that the parties he’s double-crossing probably are now talking to each other.

Good told us that since he started campaigning for the House, he’s had “hundreds” of voters urge him to oppose McCarthy as leader. During a recent GOP conference meeting, he recalled, a pro-McCarthy lawmaker stood to blast the “Never Kevin” cadre, complaining that “y’all are making it hard on us back home — we’re hearing from all kinds of folks telling us not to vote for McCarthy for speaker.” Said Good: “You ought to listen to your constituents.”

That’s a checkmate.

We will conclude, as TBotP did:

Good predicted McCarthy would give in to the rule-change demands a larger group of House conservatives are demanding. But he said 10 to 20 Republicans would still vote against McCarthy on Jan. 3. “He’s not going to be speaker,” Good said, insisting he certainly won’t get Good’s own vote: “He doesn’t have anything that I want.”

So they are going to squeeze K-Mac to get the rule change they want AND then stiff him? That’s brutal.

K-Mac is really, Really, REALLY bad at his job.

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  1. gruaud says:

    When all you do is grovel, everyone else looks like royalty.

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  2. roket says:

    Oh those poor deers. They are in my tots and pears.


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