BREAKING: Well, Everything. (The Stupid Coup (part infinity))

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The Jan. 6 House select committee investigating attack on the Capitol released its final 845-page report last night. Our pals at Electoral-Vote are pretty good academics and summarized it:

  • The Committee thinks the Electoral Count Act should be passed (almost done; see below)
  • The Committee thinks Donald Trump should be barred from future officeholding
  • The Committee thinks Trump should be charged criminally
  • The previously unknown lawyer Kenneth Chesebro was the architect of the “alternate electors” scheme
  • Trump was in regular contact with Chesebro, John Eastman, and other conspirators
  • Trump and his allies pressured state officials to overturn election results more than 200 times
  • Trump decided to declare victory long before Election Day, no matter what happened at the polls
  • Trump refused to take action at key moments (well, key hours) during the 1/6 riot
  • The rioters were in Washington because Trump told them to be
  • Trump’s phony claims allowed him to raise more than $250 million in donations (and that doesn’t even include NFT sales)

The WaPo is going through it . It’s a long, scrolling series of short articles, with lots of un-headlined (but bylined) tweet-like updates in between.

I have not read any of it yet, but I suspect I will run through the bits I am interested in.  Here is the WaPo takes is in chronological order:

    1. Cassidy Hutchinson claims Trump figures sought to influence her testimony


    1. Trump fundraising appeals not reviewed for accuracy, report says


    1. What the committee’s criminal referrals mean for the Justice Department


    1. Lawyer testified he worked for campaign right before Justice Department


    1. AG William Barr said Trump cited ‘complete nonsense’


    1. Krebs: White House reportedly unhappy with endorsement of mail-in voting


    1. Trump wanted to pardon rioters a day after the insurrection, according to Cassidy Hutchinson


    1. Jan. 6 committee says Trump did little to quell the violence during Capitol attack


    1. Trump aide amid riot: ‘Potus im sure is loving this’


    1. Trump campaign weighed 3 options for fundraising appeal on election night


    1. Trump’s advisers first discussed Jan. 6 march on Dec. 29


    1. National Guard commander said he waited painful hours for deploy call


    1. Congress should work to bar Trump from holding office, committee recommends


    1. D.C. National Guard commander endured three-hour wait for ‘go’ order


    1. RNC chairwoman told Trump she’d help, did not condemn elector plot


    1. Story of Trump lunging for steering wheel could not be corroborated


    1. Long wait for National Guard help frustrated those at the Capitol


    1. Repurposed Trump campaign account used recount money for other purposes


    1. Rioters came within 40 feet of Pence


    1. House recommends special security for future electoral-vote sessions


    1. House requests continued supervision of false media reports


    1. Report calls for stiffer penalties for threats against those in ‘election process


    1. Trump slams House Jan. 6 report, calls it ‘highly partisan


    1. Committee saves finding of inadequate security preparations for appendix


    1. Red flags ahead of Jan. 6 ignored, committee report found


    1. Trump wanted large force, apparently to protect his supporters on Jan. 6


    1. Giuliani associate told Meadows that Trump strategy should focus on ‘the legislators’


    1. Secret Service seized hundreds of knives on Jan. 6


    1. Panel recommends more accountability for attorneys ‘subverting’ law


    1. The committee issued 11 recommendations. Chief among them: Trump should never hold office again


    1. Trump asked DOJ officials to seize voting machines


    1. 8kun owner Jim Watkins denied under oath that he is Q, oracle of pro-Trump extremist movement


    1. House requests ‘full funding’ for critical police procedures


    1. Pence staffer prevented handoff of ‘alternate electors’ list


    1. Committee traces how Trump ‘normalized’ extremists


    1. Department of Justice leadership threatened to resign days before attack


    1. White House aide suggested Trump invite GOP state lawmakers to ‘WH meeting’ after loss


    1. Attorney takes DOJ job for a month to bolster résumé


    1. Secret Service began planning for Trump to go to Capitol


    1. Sen. Mike Lee: Giuliani is ‘walking malpractice’


    1. Report offers rich picture of run-up to insurrection


    200 ‘apparent acts’ of outreach to lawmakers, election officials ahead of riot
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11 Responses to BREAKING: Well, Everything. (The Stupid Coup (part infinity))

  1. Lofgren says:

    If Republican Party official leadership were involved then the entire Republican Party is a conspiracy to overthrow the United States.

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  2. Jimmy T says:

    Wow, that’s a lot to take in. Gonna start with the Wapo…

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  3. Jimmy T says:

    I found this telling… “The President and his staff appeared to be aware of the likelihood of violence on the day the election certification of his loss was slated to transpire,” the report reads. “This communication from President Trump contemplated that the Guard could support and secure the safety of Trump supporters, not protect the Capitol.”

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    • tengrain says:

      Yeah, that one jumped out at me too. So Hair Füror claiming he asked for 20,000 troops (which he did NOT) was not to protect the Capitol. They tell so many lies to each other about BLM and Antifa that they were expecting an armed counter-protest?

      It’s all just BS.



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  4. gruaud says:

    I realize that breaking this down as a war between good and evil could be seen as trivializing this ongoing saga, but, really, what other conclusions can be drawn?

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    • lofgren says:

      No need to draw conclusions. We’ve got real-time live photographic conclusions in vivid technicolor goose stepping back and forth on the TV. Leni Reifenstahl couldn’t make these conclusions more blatant.


  5. roket says:

    At least the J6 Committee has saved the republican party from having to pay for their own autopsy.

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  6. MDavis says:

    I’ve heard that even just the TOC is most illuminating.


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