Shocker: Republican Congressman Might Be Straight!

It’s all bananas!

The George Santos never-ending story:

epublican congressman-elect George Santos is under new scrutiny after a New York Times report earlier this week uncovered a string of apparent outright fabrications at the heart of some of the most fundamental facts of his life, but that backstory may also be notable for what Santos did not include—a publicly undisclosed marriage.

Santos, who claims he has “never experienced discrimination in the Republican Party,” broke barriers this year when he became the first openly gay non-incumbent GOP candidate elected to Congress.

But according to court records obtained by The Daily Beast, Santos appears to be the subject of a previously unacknowledged Sept. 2019 divorce with a woman in Queens County, New York. The divorce—which Santos has not discussed publicly—adds new uncertainty to his already shaky biographical and political claims.

Catch-Me-If-You-Can was less convoluted than this dude’s story. And what makes it so funny is that craven, would-be Speaker of the House K-Mac needs this guy’s vote to get the gavel, so of course Santos is going to be seated instead of thrown out. [Santos might be conniving, but he’s not stupid: he publicly pledged fealty to K-Mac.]

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6 Responses to Shocker: Republican Congressman Might Be Straight!

  1. I’d be 100 quatloos richer if any of you mooks had taken me up on my bet that he would turn out to be straight… 8-P

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  2. Buttermilk Sky says:

    He also lied about his grandparents, saying they “fled Jewish persecution in Ukraine…during World War II.” Records show they were born in Brazil before the war. That’s pretty low.

    I wonder if NY allows the recall of elected officials.

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  3. Pretzelogic in Philly, PA says:

    When Santos (if that IS his real name) said he’d experienced no discrimination in the Greed Over People, it might have been the one true thing he said in his scampaign.

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