Grrrrrrreat Ideas!

Please release Justice Kegger’s taxes. What a great idea!

And in not-unrelated news, we learn that Lord Damp Nut really is bad at bidness:

At first glance, the income-tax data released this week by a House committee seems to show a turnaround in 2018 for former President Donald Trump. After a decade in which he declared no taxable income, his 2018 return reported taxable income of more than $24 million. He paid nearly a million dollars in federal income taxes.

In fact, his year in the black appears to have resulted largely from the final windfall of the vast inheritance that financed much of his business career — more than $14 million in gains from the sale of his father’s 1970s investment in the Brooklyn housing development of Starrett City.

But precedent soon reasserted itself. Because of business losses, he paid no income taxes in 2020, his last year in the White House.

Thanks a lot, Fred.

And lastly, here’s news of some proposed legislation that will tighten-up that long-standing but unenforceable tradition of releasing an audit of the President’s taxes:

House Democrats will keep the spotlight on their disclosure of former President Donald Trump’s tax information by taking up a bill Thursday that would require the IRS to audit presidents’ tax returns and make reports of the audits available to the public.

The legislation stands virtually no chance of passing the 50-50 Senate, making it a largely symbolic move. But it affords Democrats one more chance to give Trump a high-profile punch before they surrender their House majority to Republicans in January.

The House Ways and Means Committee disclosed information Tuesday showing that Trump paid little, sometimes nothing, in federal income taxes between 2015 and 2020 despite reporting millions in earnings. The panel issued a second report saying the IRS didn’t audit Trump’s returns during his first two years in office despite internal guidelines requiring audits of sitting presidents.

The House Democrats’ plan would require the IRS to produce an initial report within 90 days after a sitting president files returns, provide periodic updates on the status and give an estimated time for completing the audit, according to legislation sent to the floor on Wednesday.

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6 Responses to Grrrrrrreat Ideas!

  1. Tiger Beat on the Potomac is bad at math, aren’t they?

    The legislation stands virtually no chance of passing the 50-50 Senate

    49-51 thankyouverymuch!

    Still won’t pass, though, sadly. Coal Joe would find some stupid reason to oppose it.

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    • tengrain says:

      It would never, ever get past the filibuster, so symbolic at best. And I think because it is tax-related, Sinema would actually be the one to go to the other side. Manchin is many things, but he’s been consistently Democratic on tax policy.



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  2. gruaud says:

    Your inside is out when your outside is in
    Your outside is in when your inside is out
    So come on come on
    Come on it’s such a joy
    Come on it’s such a joy
    Come on let’s make it easy
    Come on let’s make it easy
    Make it easy, make it easy
    Everybody’s got something to hide
    Except for me and my monkey

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  3. osirisopto says:

    Tax returns of Supreme Court Justices, Congresspersons, Mayors, Commissioners, Dog Catchers and their spouses hell make it ALL public record.

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  4. artahzen says:

    This guy says with alarm “even Supreme Court judges” like that would be a bad thing.


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