K-Mac is Really Bad At His Job, Part Infinity

K-Mac’s Political Machine Hard At Work

Tiger Beat on the Potomac (thanks Charlie!) morning email thingie goes long on the Rudderless Republicans ripping apart at the seams: you see, it has dawned on them that they need to have a Plan B (hehehehe, see what I did there) to offer when K-Mac is rejected:

SPEAKER SCALISE? — As KEVIN McCARTHY struggles to nail down the votes to be House speaker, a group of lawmakers has quietly approached No. 2 leader STEVE SCALISE about running should McCarthy falter, according to multiple GOP members and aides.

K-Mac might be a clown, but Scalise is an evil clown. If you didn’t have coulrophobia before, you should now.

“Does he want to be speaker? Absolutely. But is he going to screw Kevin? Absolutely not,” said another person close to Scalise.

It’s a lot of conjecture, but it is bubbling up to the top of the sewage. TBotP breathlessly claims that Scalise is not agitating for this, so you know damn well that he is already working the media refs. It doesn’t take much to get Tiger Beat to place blind items in the gossip sheet, and I suspect Scalise knows most of ‘em.

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4 Responses to K-Mac is Really Bad At His Job, Part Infinity

  1. Jimmy T says:

    Coulrophobia? Okay, now I have one more thing to worry about. Thanks so much Ten Grain…

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  2. roket says:

    Plan B from a bunch of mooks who continuously do the same thing over again while expecting different results? I don’t think so.

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