Holiday Cheer From MPS!

H/T Scissorhead Purplehead

MPS’ heartwarming holiday of HORROR is living up to it’s name. I cannot imagine to whom this appeals, but life is a banquet.

Send your DOOM-filled, tacky, tasteless pixels of TERROR to tengrain AT mockpaperscissors DOT com, and I dare you, I double-dog dare you to find something tackier than this.

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7 Responses to Holiday Cheer From MPS!

  1. Jimmy T says:

    That one belongs in the golden shower department. Just saying…

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  2. I am minded of the threat of ”I’m. gonna rip off your head and shit down your neck” that all the tough guys in the movies say…

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  3. skinnydennis says:

    Dingleberries Dingleberries dangle all the way
    Oh what fun it is to rinse
    With a nice warm water bidet, Hey!

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  4. Dave G says:

    I think it’s funny. Would I do it, no, but it’s still funny.

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  5. schmice3 says:

    Sit on my face and I’ll tell you how much you weigh, or words to that effect by Robert Duvall.

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  6. *FelineMama* says:

    I LIKE this !! Yea, yea, I know.
    Next, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Mothers’ Day, Fathers’ Day,
    Independence Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving.
    Ah, come on !! Have some fun !!!


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