He Knows Who’s Been Naughty – Happy Ho-Ho-Holidays From MPS!

H/T Scissorhead Fran

The elf on the shelf is REALLY GLAD TO SEE YOU!

The MPS merry month of MAYHEM and heartwarming holidays of HORROR are rapidly coming to a climax! Oh, wait.

Anyway, our quest for tacky, tasteless, terrible holiday decorations, sweaters, cards, and elves continues! Send your worst (and by that I mean your best) to tengrain AT mockpaperscissors DOT com. Last one in is a snitch in a ditch!

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9 Responses to He Knows Who’s Been Naughty – Happy Ho-Ho-Holidays From MPS!

  1. CalicoJack says:

    You do realize, Tengrain, that you can’t unsee that, right?

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  2. You’re supposed to put it in the box…

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  3. ali redford says:

    I thought of that song, I just thought this elf is well-endowed or the box is backward. 🤷‍♀️
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rt0spqQtMKg (Can’t unhear this, either. 😇)

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  4. gruaud says:

    Does Boing Boing know about this?

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  5. meremark says:

    Joke I saw. This is not in the competition.

    My sex life is like a Masserati.
    I don’t have a Masserati.

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  6. Redhand says:

    Where’s the obscene content here? When I saw the figure, I immediately saw the head and thought, “You wanna buy a duck?” [Humor from before my time.]

    Of course, this laughable fixation is as old as mankind: An 11,000-year-old carving of a man holding his penis while surrounded by leopards is the earliest known depiction of a narrative ‘scene.’


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