And now, a musical interlude

Maybe this should be part of the heartwarming holidays of HORROR?

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  1. ali redford says:

    It’s perfect for the heartwarming holidays of HORROR! I remember hearing that one once when I was a little kid, then later in high school drama class. Excellent choice!


  2. Lsamsa says:

    What I found really scary were many of the comments on You Tube.
    A lot of those people loved this & an annual Christmas tradition to boot!!
    Who are these people?! Frightening.

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  3. CalicoJack says:

    Well, hippos do kill more people every year than any other animal… and they don’t even eat them afterward. Worse, they mark their territory by “helicoptering,” i.e. spinning their teeny tiny tails in a circle as they poop flinging their poop as far and wide as possible. Terrific gift for someone, I suppose.

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    • RevZafod says:

      For those among us for whom a description is insufficient, a demonstration, complete with an entry in the “world’s loudest farts” competition:

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  4. jilldennison says:

    Just heard this last night on Clive’s post, and it was still stuck in my head, and now I hear it again! It is one of those tunes that just sticks with you! Thanks … I think!

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  5. w3ski4me says:

    My favorite Christmas jingle is from the Da Yoopers.



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