Sen. Sinema: Always Be Closing*

Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (I-AZ) is selling clothes and athletic gear on Facebook Marketplace:

It is 11 a.m. on a Tuesday, and I am exchanging Facebook messages with Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema about a lightly used pair of Badgley Mischka heels.

At least, I think it’s Kyrsten Sinema. It’s her name on the Facebook Marketplace listing, and it’s her in the profile photo, grinning at the finish line of a running race. The seller bio says she lives in Phoenix, and our one mutual Facebook friend is a former Democratic National Committee staffer. The shoes—4.5-inch stilettos adorned with rhinestone-studded flower appliqués—look as if they would fit pretty well in Sinema’s wardrobe.

But would a sitting senator respond within seconds on a weekday morning to a message about her used heels? Would it be worth her time to photograph a pair of old shoes, write a sales listing, field inquiries from potential buyers, and arrange pickup logistics—all for just $65?

…The user is currently hawking—among other things—a $215 cycling ensemble, a $25 trucker hat, and a $150 stainless steel watch with a silicone strap. Within the past six weeks, she has offloaded a $150 fitness tracker ring, an $80 cycling jersey, and a $500 bicycle travel case. Over the past two years, and across at least five Facebook groups for athletes, she has listed several dozen personal items, including a $100 pair of sunglasses (“Just too big for my tiny head!!”), two $50 puffer jackets, three $75 pairs of high-heeled boots, a $75 cycling bib, a $60 Lululemon raincoat, several mesh tanks at $55 a pop ($20 off the current retail price), and multiple bikinis, priced between $60 and $70, that ranged from “never worn” to “in great condition.”

All this, her federal salary, and bribes, contributions from corporate donors, too?

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5 Responses to Sen. Sinema: Always Be Closing*

  1. Why not? It’s not like she has any thing else to do….given that she’s not held a public meeting with constituents in years, she only needs to show up in the Senate to torpedo Dem bills, and how many three-martiini lunches with lobbyists can one girl do in a day?

    Might as well clear out the closets of things she doesn’t need.

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    • tengrain says:

      Perhaps TTSKoA should clear out all the unwanted stuff, too, nest-ce pas?



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      • Believe me we really really want to. But she has set up a Kobayashi Maru scenario for 2024 which will be the first opportunity to stick her ass on the Ebay “Free for Pickup” listings.

        A lot, a HUGE, critical MUST WIN is the recount for AG here, because if that MAGAt shithead Hamedah wins, he’ll be throwing monkey wrenches, sand, giant ACME Anvils and dynamite into the entire system here. If Kris Mayes wins, we just MIGHT be able to fend off the fucking insanity the GQP is planning on inflicting on the state.

        Wendy Rogers [Q-loon District 6] has been made Chair of the senate committee on elections. Fuckery awaits. 😦

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  2. Mike B. says:

    I’ve never seen Glengarry Glen Ross (just a shorter version of the clip you posted), but reading it reminds me of this scene (sorry if I’m violating some comment standard – it’s NSFW for language, but they’re talking about sex and not just cursing). By the way, I wouldn’t recommend the rest of the movie – I’ve never seen the last half):


  3. paul fredine says:

    what, no used jockstraps?


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