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Well, this sucks but it is not surprising in the least: the team that wants to inspect kids junk, take the trans kids away to the foster care system, AND prosecute their parents for child abuse is poking around the official records to see who has changed their gender IDs. Yup, we’re in Texas! How did you guess?

HOUSTON — Employees at the Texas Department of Public Safety in June received a sweeping request from Republican Attorney General Ken Paxton’s office: to compile a list of individuals who had changed their gender on their Texas driver’s license and other department records during the past two years.

“Need total number of changes from male to female and female to male for the last 24 months, broken down by month,” the chief of the DPS’s driver license division emailed colleagues in the department on June 30, according to a copy of a message obtained by The Washington Post through a public records request.

And here’s the bit where you might feel a chill go up your spine:

“We won’t need DL/ID numbers at first but may need to have them later if we are required to manually look up documents.”

…The DPS staff searched its records for changes in the “sex” category of not only driver’s licenses but also state ID cards available from birth, learner’s permits issued to those age 15 and up, commercial licenses, state election certificates, and occupational licenses. The employee spoke on the condition of anonymity to avoid retaliation for describing internal state discussions.

Now, if you can come up with an innocent explanation of what Gawd-bothering, panty-sniffer Ken Paxton is up without the phrase Papers, please in a good German accent echoing in your head, then you’re a better person than I.

“This is another brick building toward targeting these individuals,” said Ian Pittman, an Austin attorney who represents Texas parents of transgender children investigated by the state. “They’ve already targeted children and parents. The next step would be targeting adults. And what better way than seeing what adults had had their sex changed on their driver’s licenses?”

So what happened when the WaPo contacted Paxton’s office to fact check the story?

Last month, The Post made a request to Paxton’s office for all records the attorney general’s office had directed other state offices to compile related to driver’s licenses in which the sex of the driver was changed, as well as related emails between Paxton’s office and other state agencies.

Officials indicated that no such records existed.

“Why would the Office of the Attorney General have gathered this information?” Assistant Attorney General June Harden wrote in an email to The Post, later adding, “Why do you believe this is the case?”

Marisol Bernal-Leon, a spokeswoman for the attorney general’s office, later emailed that the office “has reviewed its files and has no information responsive to your request” for either records it had requested from DPS or emails between the attorney general’s office and DPS.

Odd that.

Separately, DPS provided The Post with a half-dozen documents spanning three months that referenced the request by Paxton’s office.

When The Post shared copies of the records that had been provided by DPS, Assistant Attorney General Lauren Downey noted that “none of the records provided by the Texas Department of Public Safety are communications with the Office of the Attorney General. Our response to your request was accurate.”

So business as usual, deny/Deny/DENY and never explain why you wanted the records. And in the meanwhile, I would suggest getting the hell out of Texas, regardless of your gender records. These people are dangerous and when they are done with trans folk, anyone else could be next. Fascists exist to have a target to hate.

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  1. roket says:

    All of those records can be found on RNC servers. Hold on. I’ve just been informed that those records have been deleted and no one cares

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  2. w3ski4me says:

    Texas, where Freedom rings hollow. You are only free to be another white, straight, male, redneck, just like them. Any even slight deviation from the norm is to be punished severely. They really lost their way as a US state. More like some third-world place. I’ll buy the Rabbit a new saw.


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