RIP, Stuart Margolin

Very funny multiple-Emmy winning comedic actor Stuart Margolin has died of natural causes, he was 81.

You probably remember him as Angel, as the “sidekick who was a shifty-eyed, backstabbing rat, but also lovable” on The Rockford Files. He was a frequent co-star with James Garner, and I hope that they have a series deal in The Great Beyond. That place could use some comedy.

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5 Responses to RIP, Stuart Margolin

  1. Jimmy T says:

    The Rockford Files was one of the better TV shows from the seventies that featured a great cast and was a lot of fun to watch. Too bad about Stuart, but he lived a good life and had a good career…

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  2. gruaud says:

    Margolin’s acting was always a joy to watch.

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  3. MDavis says:

    Loved The Rockford Files. It was a great place to get the wrong, but very dramatic and entertaining, idea about what P.I.s do for a living.
    Off-topic, that show was where I first realized how prolific Post and Carpenter were in that era. Look for those two in the credits and you got the A-list of prime time.

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  4. ali redford says:

    Aww. He also did hilarious bits on “Love, American Style.” RIP.

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  5. Didn’t we all know a dude like Angel? Snaky but sweet? Always out for himself but would come through for you in the end?

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