Meanwhile, Over At BirdChan

Where there’s smoke, there’s Elon

Elmo has dismissed the bird’s Trust and Safety advisory group.

The article doesn’t say it, but this puts Twitter into the crosshairs of the EU. This is likely to be a complete pratfall (not that any of Elmo’s galaxy-brain moves have been jenius) that might shut off The Bird overseas as the Nazis are already swarming the joint.

America first, indeed.

Related: Popehat says goodbye to Twitter in this sub stack piece (which you can read by clicking on the “Let Me Read It First” link when the dialog box shows up.

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  1. Yeah, already following him on the elephant communes. Weirdly the thing I miss from Birdchan were the daily algo-fed tweet emails; still dealing with the firehose-like home feed I am accumulating even with a few follows.

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