Angels We Have Heard While High – Merry X-Mas From MPS!

H/T Secret Scissorhead Oliver

Today’s exhibit is from my hometown of Oakland, California, and we assume the angel is trying to get onto the network or take a selfie. If it is Comcast in Oakland, good luck, sister!

Many thanks, Oliver!

MPS’ Heartwarming Holidays of Horror continues as all things tacky, bad taste, and TERRIFYING continue to appear in the ol’ mailbag! Send yours (and really, nothing seems to be beyond the pale) in today to Tengrain AT mockpaperscissors DOT com.

(I’m trying to do this mostly in the order they were received. If yours has not yet made it, well, there’s a conga line dancing its way across the holidays.)

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5 Responses to Angels We Have Heard While High – Merry X-Mas From MPS!

  1. purplehead says:

    TG, it would be really cool if you would have a montage of all the 2022 MPS Holiday Horrors on Dec. 26. Or Jan. 1? So we could see them all in one fell swoop. What an American sight to see.

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    • tengrain says:

      Purp –

      Scissorheads love to give me assignments… I’ll think about it, BUT I’m doing a 2-week stint at the Crooks and Liars roundup from Christmas to the anniversary of The Stupid Coup.

      Deep sigh,


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  2. Interesting conundrum…what happens if a Weeping Angel takes a selfie???

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  3. FUCKING WEEPING ANGELS…. I have a FB friend who travels the country on her harley trike with her dog Daisy (who wears the cutest doggy goggles) and would photograph angel statues so she could post them and creep me the fuck out.


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