The Invisible Hand of the Market Strikes Again!

Nextdoor for the Upper East Side, er, The NYTimes writers are on strike, and Vanity Fair is here for it:

[A] sea of red shirts filled the half block outside The New York Timesheadquarters in Manhattan, spilling out onto the street; Scabby, the 12-foot inflatable rat with bloodshot eyes and a festering underbelly sat next to a cardboard box of extra signs: “NEW YORK TIMES WALKS OUT.” On Thursday, after months of building newsroom frustrations over stalledcontract negotiations, the Times Guild walked off the job, a historic act of protest not seen at the paper in more than 40 years. Workers in the union told their readers to keep off the Times website, forgo the crossword, and break their Wordle streaks. Reporters clarified that any articles published today with their names on it were written in advance. Outside the office, photographers and cameramen hung from the scaffolding with eyes over the crowd; union members shouted for a $65,000 salary floor and improved health care benefits, erupting into cheers any time a truck honked in solidarity. Taking in the scene, a reporter from another magazine muttered, “The Sulzbergers must hate this.” 

I have no love for the NYTimes, and now that I know that they are on strike, I’ll be honoring it as best I can. I think I linked to it yesterday before I knew about the strike, and I apologize and will endeavor to be better.

I’m trying to imagine how far $65K Ameros goes in NYC and I cannot imagine very far. That they are being paid less than that is criminally astonishing.

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4 Responses to STRIKE!

  1. People earning $65k …aren’t living in NYC, unless it’s way out in the far reaches of the Bronx or Queens.

    When we lived in suburban NY (Yonkers) we new a guy who worked the presses there; he lived way up the river in Croton.

    It’s not as terrible as it seems, mass transit actually works well; when Mrs BDR worked in the city, her commute was: ‘go a quarter mile to the Metro North station, catch the train into Grand central, take the subway from there to a stop four blocks from her office’. (And while granted this was the late 80’s we made like $22k between us…)

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  2. Jimmy T says:

    Ah yes, the graphic is just the fickle finger of fate on fire. Rowan and Martin (from Laugh In) would be proud…

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    • E.A. Blair says:

      As I recall, the FFoF used the forefinger, probably due to the Standards & Practices office (aka the censors).


  3. E.A. Blair says:

    [A] sea of red shirts filled the half block outside The New York Timesheadquarters in Manhattan…

    Of course, we all know what happens to people wearing red shirts

    Interestingly, there was a white supremacist terrorist group known as the Red Shirts that operated in the Carolinas from 1875 to around 1900. Currently, the League of the South of South Carolina has a specialized membership category known as “Red Shirts”.


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