Our Failed Political Press ™

Pravda’s American competition, Fox News has given exactly one (1!) minute of coverage to Hair Füror calling for the termination of The Constitution:

Fox host Howard Kurtz first mentioned the story on the Sunday edition of his Media Buzzshow. After reading Trump’s remark, he commented, “A lot of media criticism on that — you can make up your own mind.” Fox also devoted a pair of headline reads to the story on Sunday night. The network’s only reference thus far on Monday came when Fox & Friendsco-host Steve Doocy mentioned in passing what he termed the former president’s “crazy”comment.

That’s it. That’s all.

What is also startling to me about this is that the rest of the media isn’t calling Fox out on this. Media criticism tells us that what stories the media chooses to ignore is just as important as the stories that it covers. Fox chooses to ignore fascism, and the rest of the media is choosing to ignore obvious bad actors and notable propaganda.

Our 4th estate is irreparably broken.

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5 Responses to Our Failed Political Press ™

  1. They’re still all in on “Oh look at the amusing crazy shit he says! Ha ha ha! Isn’t this great entertainment???”

    That’ll be their tune right up to the very moment the leopards eat their faces.

    The more I watch this stuff the more I am deeply impressed with the new Star Wars series “Andor”, because it is all about people coming to grips with the fact that they’ve slid into a fascist dictatorship and the repression is really starting to bite, and ‘what are YOU going to do about it’ is something all of the main characters must face.

    The very beginnings of the organized rebellion seen in the first three movies.

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  2. gruaud says:

    Murdoch’s blurring of ‘opinion’ and ‘news’ will go down in history as a weapon of mass destruction similar to the nerve agent VX.

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  3. davedubya says:

    Most Republicans will ignore it, and a few may decry Trump’s latest seditious treachery, but we know damn well they would overwhelmingly vote for him for a second term.
    He really could still shoot someone on 5th Ave. and keep his loyal cult.
    He’s still capable of inflicting more damage and instability.
    The US is at a critical fork in the road.
    The rule of law must prevail. Trump must be indicted, convicted and sentenced.
    If not, he will have succeeded in shredding the Constitution.
    We may see Trump finally meet justice. But it’s just one major battle.
    The struggle against fascism is well into the 21st Century.
    It will be our longest war.

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