Merry X-Mas from MPS!

Today’s festive entry is from Scissorhead Purplehead!

Guys, our new holiday tradition is off to a galloping Rudolph start! Send in your Holidays of Doom picture to Tengrain AT mockpapserscissors DOT com!

Last one in has to put up the lights!

UPDATE 1 from Scissorhead RevZafod

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2 Responses to Merry X-Mas from MPS!

  1. Lsamsa says:

    Well at least they got plugged in.
    Perhaps this is like cloud-watching, imagining what it looks like when lit up.
    Either that or the person in charge of exterior Christmas joy was already lit up.

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  2. More like the person in charge of exterior christmas joy ordered the 16 YO teen who had better things to do than untangle the lights from when he put them away last year.

    “Did you hang up the lights?”

    “Yes, [whispered] technically.”

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