Season’s Greetings From MPS!

H/T Scissorhead Bruce the Desert Rat

Yup, jolly holidays abound!

I wasn’t really planning on this to become a thing, but it looks like we might have the start of a new holiday tradition here the ol’ Thunderbolt Grease-Slapper. If you have a particularly egregious Christmas decoration to nominate, well, we have a WHOLE MONTH to get it out of our systems!

Let’s advent that calendar, Scissorheads!

Send your nominations to Tengrain AT Mockpaperscissors DOT com.

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3 Responses to Season’s Greetings From MPS!

  1. Little Davey says:

    From a legit tornado chaser currently in Nebraska, that is cool!

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  2. artahzen says:

    I have to admit, I love this tornado deco! OMG, I probably have all the supplies in my craft room right now. LOL!!

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  3. On the Nextdoor thread (titled “My Christmas tree for this year is done. I decided to go with a nautical theme this year!”) this was posted in, I suggested some tiny plastic sharks be included in the tree…

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