News That Will Drive You To Drink

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Buh-bye, Butter Cow:

Democratic leaders voted Friday to adopt the transformative early 2024 presidential nominating schedule proposed by President Biden, giving South Carolina the leadoff position, followed by a joint primary day for New Hampshire and Nevada, with later primaries by Georgia and Michigan.

The chosen states were given until Jan. 5 to demonstrate that they can hold their primary contests on their assigned dates or risk losing their positions in the calendar.

The new calendar upends decades of tradition in which Iowa and New Hampshire held the first two slots for both Democratic and Republican nominating contests. Biden said the remaking of the primary calendar will better reflect the demographic, economic and geographic diversity of the Democratic Party.

Democratic chairman Jaime Harrison, a South Carolina native, who was informed of the decision Thursday night, reacted emotionally to the vote putting his state first, describing the decision as a way of honoring non-White, non-college educated and impoverished voters like his grandparents.

I, for one, will miss watching the very serious politicians trying to eat a corn dog without looking like they are auditioning for Deep Throat II.

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  1. heydave says:

    And here in Des Moines, i can feel my netherworld unclench, realizing the worst part of living in Iowa is finally gone. Our long regional nightmare is finally over.

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