Last Day of Early Voting In Georgia

Herschel Walker

It’s down to the wire, folks.

Cook Political Report:

Limited polling during the runoff has continued to show a margin of error contest, but has Warnock still leading considerably among independents. The race is close enough that we are still keeping it in our Toss Up column, and we don’t think a possible Warnock victory is probable enough to shift it to Lean Democrat.

But we might put a pinky on the scale for the Democratic incumbent, whose victory would cap off an astounding turn for Senate Democrats despite economic headwinds and history going against them. It would once again underscore that Republicans clearly have a candidate quality problem – and likely will until the party turns away from Trump.


Outgunned financially as Democrats dominate early voting, Herschel Walker’s Georgia Senate campaign Thursday begged donors to pony up more money because of Sen. Raphael Warnock’s growing sense of momentum.


State Democrat D % Republican R % Start End Pollster
Georgia Raphael Warnock* 50% Herschel Walker 47% Nov 28 Nov 30 SurveyUSA
Georgia Raphael Warnock* 51% Herschel Walker 49% Nov 28 Nov 30 Emerson Coll.

All of 2022, Emerson has tilted slightly to the Right, so this is actually a big swing. Not that I trust polls much any more.

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5 Responses to Last Day of Early Voting In Georgia

  1. Martin Pollard says:

    I trust polls about as far as I can throw the Moon while standing in the gravity well of a black hole.

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  2. Survey says polls are about 110% accurate.
    My bad, I meant “Sergie says”.

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  3. I watched some of Obama’s speech at his rally last night. Dayum he’s DEFINITELY let Luther off his leash!

    “I thought werewolves were cool too! But I was five, and I grew up”.

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  4. LOL, from yellowdoggranny’s joint today:

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