Hot Take: Chris Cillizza Gets Roadmap and Cheese Sandwich

Chris Cillizza At Work

CNN fired the King of the Hot Take in the latest round of layoffs.

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6 Responses to Hot Take: Chris Cillizza Gets Roadmap and Cheese Sandwich

  1. Jimmy T says:

    Couldn’t happen to a more deserving guy. Not entirely sure what’s going on with CNN, but Chris Cillizza derserves what he gets…

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  2. RWW says:

    Maybe he can become one of those characters who come to Peggy Noonan in her famous dream sequences she writes about. Y’know, a nebulous figure who somehow ‘centers’ her and blows away the Scotch mist so she can impart her special brand of wisdom upon us mere mortals. It would actshually be a promotion for poor Chris.

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  3. Stony Pillow says:

    O frabjous day. Sadly, scum like him always find another gig – he’s a very useful organ. Probably not Fox, no matter how deserving he may be.

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    • laura says:

      You read my mind- I was just coming here to ask if there was any rumor or speculation about who might lead his rehab tour.
      I’ll throw down a shiny nickel wager on Chuck Todd’s Sunday Show

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  4. It’ll be just my luck that he’s only losing his “program” gig and not entirely axed/banished … -so I will still be seeing his loathsome & whoring article headlines, alas.
    Seriously, he’s been the dead fly in my soup for a long time now.

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