RNC To Conduct 2022 Autopsy

Will anyone claim the body?

Rona ROMNEY McDaniels is a super-jenius:

The Republican National Committee is launching a review of the party’s performance in the midterm election and bringing on a team of outside advisers to help guide strategy, as the GOP reckons with its disappointing performance in the election.

The RNC is tapping nearly a dozen people to serve in what it’s calling a “Republican Party Advisory Council” – a group that includes former Donald Trump White House adviser Kellyanne Conway, evangelical leader Tony Perkins and a pair of Senate candidates who ran this year.

So BS Barbie, fetus-fondling Gawd Botherer Perkins, and someone unnamed? I wonder who it could be?

…The panel will also include former Arizona Senate candidate Blake Masters, who in the wake of his loss has called on the party to move on from “consultant one-size-fits-all strategies.”

It is a classic GOP ostrich maneuver to have Masters on the panel instead of exhibit A of what went wrong.


  • Conway: We needed more Trump!
  • Perkins: We needed more misogyny!
  • Masters: We needed more fascism!

I can hardly wait to learn the results!

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9 Responses to RNC To Conduct 2022 Autopsy

  1. lisahgolden says:

    For the love…. I could save them some money and tell them they could start with no longer embracing the wrong side of history.

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  2. Ellis Weiner says:

    Exactly. The party that literally could not survive without telling an endless stream of lies, now wants to get down to the “truth” and find out what really happened. It’s like a Monty Python sketch.

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  3. w3ski4me says:

    Why bother? They really don’t want to know what they did wrong. They will have a big conference and still do the same old stupid stuff like embracing Walker.

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  4. roket says:

    You would think that a republican, of all people, would know by now that arguing with republicans is a complete waste of time.

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  5. Martin Pollard says:

    The answer is staring them in the face: “stop being Nazis.” But, if they did that, they’d no longer have any voters.

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  6. MDavis says:

    You forgot –

    We needed more gerrymandering

    We needed more voter disenfranchising

    We needed more voter intimidation

    We needed longer lines in those districts.


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  7. laura says:

    The stench of fuckery coming off that panel will eat the paint off your car.

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