Big Deal, It Was Just A Dinner, Right?

Everyone needs to remember that America First has a long history, and while one dinner at Merde-a-Lardo seemingly is small potatoes…

(Hat tip: Scissorhead Jimmy-T)

By the way, if you have not listened to Maddow’s podcast series “Ultra” – it is absolutely worth your time. Available wherever you find pods. We bring this up because The American Conservative is trying to whitewash the history lesson Maddow raises in the podcast. (H/T Scissorhead Fran)


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6 Responses to Big Deal, It Was Just A Dinner, Right?

  1. purplehead says:

    Absolutely agree about Rachel Maddow’s “Ultra” podcast. It is riveting, hard to not binge-listen. And then listen to it again. It’s rich and frighteningly prescient about what is happening right now in this stupid country. We’ve been here before. And we never learned this in history class. Of course not.

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  2. MDavis says:

    I recently saw a discussion about Fox news being entertainment/opinion that doesn’t mention that when they pretend to be news.
    In a fit of what-about-ism, Maddow was used as an example of a liberal source of news not backed up by sources. I guess they never actually watched a Maddow show.
    (I closed that tab – no point in trying to teach that pig to sing.)

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  3. annieasksyou says:

    With all the trickle-trickle-trickle of fascism from donald trump that’s been found acceptable by what remains of the Republican leadership, can we hope that THIS one causes the dam to break? If not, the Big Liars have been pushed aside by—and/or morphed into—the Holocaust-and-slavery Deniers, and we have moved into the darkest and scariest of places.

    I’ve just started listening to “Ultra” and it’s riveting.

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