Meanwhile in Arizonastan…

The terrible sand people of the terrible sand kingdom of Arizonastan.

Man, talk about a hostile workplace! I’ve never had a co-worker call for the Death Penalty.

Seriously, what is in the water down there?

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  1. Sirius Lunacy says:

    “Seriously, what is in the water down there?”

    That’s the problem, there is no water down there.

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  2. Been out in the desert for too long without a hat

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  3. And that evergreen statement: “It’s a dry hate!”

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  4. MRS BDR sent this along to me just now

    Deadline to certify county canvasses in Arizona is today. Counties refusing to certify may have their votes tossed.

    Cochise County is deep red. If their votes get tossed, we’ll get another US house seat and probably flip both houses of the AZ legislature (each with a R margin of one seat) blue. The AG race will no longer be too close to call and the odious white supremacist Tom Horne will most likely NOT be State School Superintendent.

    “Please proceed Mr Governor County Board”


  5. Also you may have to revise that image. The “sand people” (Tusken people not the Jawas) of Star Wars fame are the dwindled survivors of an ecological catastrophe where all the water dried up and their civilization collap… I’ll come in again.

    (We watched “The Book of Boba Fett” on Disney +, and it has a vastly different, more nuanced view of the Tusken people and their history on Tattoine. In fact all the Star Wars series spinoffs are remarkably better than most of the original movies. )


  6. ryinger77 says:

    I had to stop watching the hearing after 40 min when I found myself luxuriating too much in the MAGA tears. I learned this skill a few years ago when I self discovered that there is such a thing as to much prime rib.


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