Advertisers Flee Twitter Like…

Above, advertisers fleeing Twitter in interpretive dance.

After posting a Twitter poll asking, “Should Twitter offer a general amnesty to suspended accounts, provided that they have not broken the law or engaged in egregious spam?” in which 72.4 percent of the respondents voted yes, Musk declared, “Amnesty begins next week.”

The practical result of this “poll” is that some loathsome, bad faith, terrible human beings, like klansman David Duke, conspiracist rat-eff’er Roger Stone, and pedophile Milo Yippingpapaya, will be returning to The Bird to join recently re-patriated mango-hued shitgibbon Hair Füror on the platform, which frankly should be re-branded as BirdChan.

Obviously, welcoming the return of the  KKK, Proud Boys, conspiracy theorists and others from the 4th Reich isn’t going to help keep advertisers on Twitter:

The Advertiser Exodus is real. An alternate business model will be required. But the User Exodus is just as real. As @mulegirl on Twitter points out, it will require 93,750 paid users paying $8 per month to replace just this single $750,000 a month advertiser.

I do not know what super-genius Space Karen’s end game is here. Either he’s so delusional that he thinks Possum Holler is going to somehow save the platform, or he’s deliberately running the thing into the ground to get bankruptcy protection and get out of the debt. I cannot imagine a third scenario.

Last word:

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15 Responses to Advertisers Flee Twitter Like…

  1. Ellis Weiner says:

    I don’t really see why he’s Space Karen, but the name is so sprightly and laff-inducing that I’ll allow it.

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  2. Jimmy T says:

    For a guy who’s considered a genius he sure is dripping with idiocy. But (and I’m guessing here) he’s never lived in the world of regular people, and has always been sheltered by his money pile. Also, I’ve been hearing that Tesla is also not doing so well…

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    • osirisopto says:

      I heard he used his tesla stock as collateral on the loan to BirdChan. So as goes twitter so goes Tesla.

      Oh, well he’ll always have the Boring Company and people he pays to laugh at his jokes.

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    • MDavis says:

      I’ve been hearing that these cartoon-villain-products have been catching fire, and they can’t be out with water as they just reignite until the fuel source burns down enough. (Mwa-ha-ha! They’ll buy my car, it will burst into flame and burn to the ground so they will have to buy another! I’ll be rich!!!!!)
      Being insulated from consequences results in a special and dangerous kind of stupid.

      Maybe fire engines in Tesla-rich areas should start carrying K-class extinguishers. Those are for grease fires and cut off oxygen, so they should work, unless burning Tesla batteries produce their own oxygen. Or unless they burn without oxygen.

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      • This is more a thing about lithium-ion powered electric cars than Teslas, per se. Battery packs that can power a car for a couple hundred miles store a lot of energy, and they burn on contact with air when damaged, and the energy getting released via burning rather than discharging takes place over vastly shorter time.

        That it’s centered on Teslas, rather than Chevy Bolts or Nissan Leafs is simply a variant on the Mandela Effect.

        Gasoline-powered cars burn up with much greater frequency in crashes, it’s just fire departments now have means of dealing with fuel fires. And yes, as electric vehicles become more commonplace, fire departments will have to step up with solutions.


      • MDavis says:

        Interesting. Also, it does sound like cutting off oxygen might put fire out.

        Other car makers – take note. Put in some kind of fire suppression system, you have engineers, use them!
        Tesla – just keep doing what you’re doing. Like Musk will let you change anything anyway, allegedly. Although he’s maybe distracted by his new toy right now, so good time to try to sneak in a fire suppression system.


  3. I cannot find it today, but in the last couple of days I’ve read an account by a (former?) SpaceX executive who said that the reason Tesla and SpaceX haven’t gone the way of Twitter, is because both companies have high-level executives and managers whose main job is to serve as the firewall between Phony Stark’s sooper-genius Acme ideas and whims and the companies actual business.

    Entire executive levels in the company devoted to nothing more than containing Feral Husk.

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  4. Redhand says:

    I didn’t know much about Musk before this twitter fiasco, but FWIW my lay opinion is that he has a serious personality disorder, so much so that when I saw the word “lithium” in BDR’s comment, I thought the subject was going to be about its medical use on you-know-who.

    He’s not as hideous as TFG, for a whole bunch of reasons, but he definitely is a freak. Elon, “May the [blue] bird of paradise fly up your nose.”


  5. osirisopto says:

    Hey, look. Musk paid someone to write a fluff piece on Daily Kos.

    I hope they charged him a frickin’ boatload of money.


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