K-Mac Is Really Bad At His Job (An On-going Series)

K-Mac’s Political Machine Hard At Work

Hair Füror’s court eunuch and would-be speaker of the house K-Mac proves to us that if you hire a clown, you’ll get a circus:

Of course, the most ridiculous thing that this ridiculous person said came when he was asked to explain for what reason the Republicans were going to impeach Secretary Mayorkas:

Aside from the laughable, We never do impeachment for political purposes, the rest was just Palin-esque word salad. If he was going to threaten impeachment (as blackmail tactic?) to get someone to resign, hold a splashy and showy press conference several thousand miles away from his office, wouldn’t you think that he would have an answer for the inevitable question: “What has Mayorkas done”?

K-Mac is really bad at his job.

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5 Responses to K-Mac Is Really Bad At His Job (An On-going Series)

  1. Oh come ON! It’s perfectly obvious what Mayorkas has done! He’s had the temerity and arrogance of being appointed by an illegitimate president, by virtue that Biden is a Democrat!

    Plus, he’s not personally standing on the border machine-gunning asylum seekers down before they can cross the border and confiscating every single gram of fentanyl being smuggled into the US through the not southern border. (most comes in through the various ports of entry around the country.)

    (of course they would also portray it as bad if he was confiscating every single gram, since they apparently consider stopping smuggling by seizing it as it’s brought in to be bad as well, as they all blame Biden when it’s seized as well.)

    The border goons have already claimed the scalp of the head of CBP, Chris Magnus. https://www.npr.org/2022/11/12/1136321045/customs-and-border-protection-chris-magnus-resigns-migrants because he’s not machine-gunning the migrants down either.

    They’re really channeling their not-so-inner East German Border Guards.

    They REALLY REALLY want to get to killing some folks.

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    • MDavis says:

      Why? Why should Mangus resign rather than point out that apprehensions mean success, not failure?
      (answers own question)
      My money is on a double answer.
      First, pointing out the obvious is no excuse for working for a Democratic administration.
      Second, one or more of the death threats Magnus received had too much personal information on his family to be considered non-serious.


      • Sadly, Magnus is this Administrations designated Standard Democratic Sacrificial Goat wheeled out whenever Rethugs throw a Congressional temper tantrum, like Lois Lerner and Shirley Sherrod were when they got thrown to the lawless mob howling for blood.

        (and the Border Goons undoubtedly posed a real threat of violence to him and his family. I have no doubt they would have murdered him if they could get away with it. )

        It’s too bad, he was a decent Police Chief here before he got tapped for BCP.


      • MDavis says:

        The Democratic officials should really stick to their guns and stop negotiating with terrorists. We have ample evidence that it just encourages them to greater acts of terrorism.

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  2. roket says:

    Let the Kabuki Theaters begin. Money will be no object especially if they plan to hold hearings in a frigging desert.

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