Midday Palate Cleanser

I’m not crying, YOU’RE crying!

(Hat tip: Scissorhead Jimmy-T)

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  1. Why is someone chopping onions in the office here????

    (Mrs BDR forwarded this to me last night, too. That poor mama most have thought her baby was gone forever! )

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  2. The tiny hand reaching up/out, the discarding of the blanket, the embrace and her waggling knee, etc., … -we really need to rethink how we see and treat animals.

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    • Honestly zookeepers do their best , but that gets balanced against possibly dealing with a distraught mother who can literally rip your face or arm off if she’s angry, and being unable to communicate with her the necessity of taking the baby away for a while, so it can be kept alive to return to her.

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      • My comment had nothing to do with the zoo, it was about seeing ourselves in them/them in ourselves (ie: their aforemntioned gestures), that even though we share the planet, we don’t share the planet.
        Might no longer means right and we shouldn’t be exploiting, using and abusing other species/sentient beings.
        I was pretty guilty. Mindlessly thought chicken and roosters were all the same, just different colors. But then I got to raise one, know one and then another, on and on -each one as different as human children.
        I see them roadside now and know each one is a personality unto his/herself.

        Anyway, baby and mom’s gestures/feelings were overwhelmingly universal, touching/profound, relatable and thought-provoking.
        -we must do better.

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  3. ali redford says:

    The Sedgwick Co. Zoo is an annual visit, for us. They are so wonderful there-you never see stressed animals. This is such a wonderful video, too-thanks!


    • Mike B. says:

      Never been there, even though I live in Sedgwick County. It might be nice, but I can’t think of much good about the rest of Wichita, although in my younger days I did enjoy bike-riding down by the Arkansas River (the part in Kansas is called the R-Kansas River by about everyone in the state, as stupid as that seems).

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      • ali redford says:

        😊 And I used to get my liberal fix by travelling up there from Sumner Co. to County Dem meetings (early aughts)! My friends up there used to drop their jaws when I said that, but I explained that, well, those friends were there! 😊 (Many of them have passed, but were involved with the Peace Center, when it was a thing.)
        It is a very good zoo.

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