K-Mac Is Really Bad At His Job (Part Infinity)

K-Mac’s Political Machine Hard At Work

Hapless would-be Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy is trying desperately to convince everyone to give him the gavel. It is not going well.

Here’s what we know so far. There are three Republicans on record who will not vote for McCarthy—Matt Gaetz, Ralph Norman, and and Andy Biggs are explicit, full-Sherman ‘Nos’; Bob Good,  and Matt Rosendale are long-time K-Mac haters and no one can imagine that changing, though they have not committed yet.

Now, let’s say that the GOP does win the outstanding House races and so they have 222 Seats. K-Mac can only lose those 4 seats and still be elected Speaker. What if there is just one more No vote out there (not everyone is on record)? Good luck getting a Democrat to switch sides, especially after he’s already declared he is kicking Reps. Swalwell and Schiff off of the Intelligence Committee and, you know, whatever the hell he has planned for Rep. Omar.

His best bet is to convince at least one of the 5 to NOT vote (they can vote “present”), and that should be a riot. Look for the horse trading with Rosendale and Good in the next few days, and we’ll know something about how it is going.

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4 Responses to K-Mac Is Really Bad At His Job (Part Infinity)

  1. So if he fails, who’s the smrt money on being the chum to be Speaker ? Andy Biggs?

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    • tengrain says:

      I have no idea. I don’t think that there is any smart money on this race, tbh.



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      • Agreed, lots of money, absolutely none of it smart.

        It looks like it’s going to devolve further into the shitshow that so many of them ache for. “Government is awful, and I’m walking and talking (though not at the same time – won’t make that mistake again) proof.”

        One wonders how this band of misfits would make a living were they not in government. Aside from the one who would otherwise, and hopefully soon again, be behind the bar at the Warm Beer Cafe, what job could they possibly hold? Are there that many customer service jobs at Amazon?

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      • One wonders how this band of misfits would make a living were they not in government.

        Grift, nepotism, good-ol-boys networking would guarantee them all jobs. There is a club, and we are not in it.

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