Report: Hair Füror is on Ballot for Georgeduh Senate Race

Georgia Senator Warnock is taking no prisoners:

If you don’t watch it (and who can blame you, really) it shows TFG endorsing Walker then, at the end, the words: “STOP DONALD TRUMP. STOP HERSCHEL WALKER.” appear on the screen.

It’s the ol’ Siamese Twins gambit: you get one, you get the other.

It’s a calculated risk, of course, that Possum Hollar will look at that and be enthused to vote for Herschel the wannabe-Werewolf, but Sen. Warnock in concluding (and the data supports it) that Democrats will be motivated to vote AGAINST Hair Füror. Warnock might even get the suburban Republicans to vote for him. It’s glueing the short-fingered vulgarian onto the ballot, and nationalizing the race.

Campaign pros say that once you have successfully nationalized g a campaign, it is nearly impossible to localize it again.

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  1. Carol Decker says:

    What does TFG stand for?


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