Clue for Chief Justice Roberts: Alito, In the SCOTUS Chambers, With an Email

(AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

Jeebus Eff’ing Christ:

As the Supreme Court investigates the extraordinary leak this spring of a draft opinion of the decision overturning Roe v. Wade, a former anti-abortion leader has come forward claiming that another breach occurred in a 2014 landmark case involving contraception and religious rights.

In a letter to Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. and in interviews with The New York Times, the Rev. Rob Schenck said he was told the outcome of the 2014 case weeks before it was announced. He used that information to prepare a public relations push, records show, and he said that at the last minute he tipped off the president of Hobby Lobby, the craft store chain owned by Christian evangelicals that was the winning party in the case.

Both court decisions were triumphs for conservatives and the religious right. Both majority opinions were written by Justice Samuel A. Alito Jr. But the leak of the draft opinion overturning the constitutional right to abortion was disclosed in the news media by Politico, setting off a national uproar. With Hobby Lobby, according to Mr. Schenck, the outcome was shared with only a handful of advocates.

Mr. Schenck’s allegation creates an unusual, contentious situation: a minister who spent years at the center of the anti-abortion movement, now turned whistle-blower; a denial by a sitting justice; and an institution that shows little outward sign of getting to the bottom of the recent leak of the abortion ruling or of following up on Mr. Schenck’s allegation.

The evidence for Mr. Schenck’s account of the breach has gaps. But in months of examining Mr. Schenck’s claims, The Times found a trail of contemporaneous emails and conversations that strongly suggested he knew the outcome and the author of the Hobby Lobby decision before it was made public.

Methinks that our Chief Justice of the illegitimate SCOTUS will never reveal the outcome of his investigation of who leaked. Eff’ing OJ Simpson will find the real killers first.

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5 Responses to Clue for Chief Justice Roberts: Alito, In the SCOTUS Chambers, With an Email

  1. laura says:

    I would make a shiny nickel wager this disgrace to justice pulled the same personally satisfying tittle tattle in Janus- overturning the unanimous 40 year precedent to undermine unions too.
    I will pray that he lands in the hell he wishes and creates for others.
    Old balls n strikes got the oversee the evisceration of the VRA, so he’s gonna be happy to ignore the investigation he’s called for and been ignoring. We are free to call bullshit on the legitimacy of all but three justices loudly, frequently and with so many swears.

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  2. Stony Pillow says:

    It was one of Robber’s clerks. Motive, ladies and gentlemen. Motive.


  3. Another Kiwi says:

    The statue with Justice being blindfolded was not meant to be taken literally.


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