Report: No One Went To Her Diner To See What Real Americans Think

H/T Scissorhead Dennis Cole

The AP tells us that Lauren Boebert’s re-election is going to be in a recount, and we hope she gets Rep. 3-Names to count her votes on her fingers and toes.

DENVER (AP) — Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert, a renowned conservative firebrand whose combative style helped define the new right, is likely headed to an automatic recount in her bid to fend off a surprisingly difficult challenge by a Democratic businessman from the ritzy ski town of Aspen.

The Associated Press has declared the election in Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District too close to call. AP will await the results of a potential recount to call the race. With nearly all votes counted, the incumbent Boebert leads Democrat Adam Frisch by 0.16 percentage points, or 551 votes out of nearly 327,000 votes counted.

The WaPo chimes in with some background:

The race in Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District — a wide swath of the state’s west — was a showdown between Boebert, a gun-toting Republican from the working-class town of Rifle on the banks of the Colorado River, and Frisch, a conservative Democrat from the ritzy ski town of Aspen.

No mention of her beloved Possum Hallar pistol-packing, salmonella-serving businesses, and what the locals think. I guess this is one time that the elite press isn’t going to diners where the Real Americans gather. Weird, innit?

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8 Responses to Report: No One Went To Her Diner To See What Real Americans Think

  1. Ten Bears says:

    Hammering that “ritzy ski town of Aspen” bit, aeh?

    I must be part dog, I can hear that whistle …

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    • I am part old mostly deaf dog, and I’m like “Who’s blowing that steam train whistle???”

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    • ming says:

      Everyone here in rural western Colorado hears that whistle and has been hearing it throughout the entire election cycle. Don’t get me wrong, I like Frisch and voted for him, but the Dems screwed the pooch by running a candidate from Aspen. A similar candidate from anywhere else in this district except for Telluride or Crested Butte would have won outright. There’s a strong sense in this district that the ski area elites are not like the rest of us.

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  2. …also “renowned conservative firebrand” ain’t exactly how I’d describe her, unless AP is using that word to mean “loud idiot with opinions”

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  3. Sirius Lunacy says:

    a Democratic businessman from the ritzy ski town of Aspen.

    If he had a different party affiliation it would be:

    a successful Republican businessman and job creator from the mining town of Aspen.

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    • Ten Bears says:

      Like Bend (OR) ~ ritzy ski-town and recreational haven v. born of logging and sawmills and today the beer brewing (per capita) capital of the world. Doesn’t get much more blue-collar than that.


      • Sirius Lunacy says:

        I spent an evening in Bend a few years back. Tried to sample all the local brews. Got too drunk to remember which one I liked best. I’ll have to do it all over again and remember to take notes next time.


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