One Lump of Stupid or Two?

I hate to disappoint the Scissorheads who crave the Stupid first thing in the morning, so here goes:

But something good(ish) happened:

The Senate on Wednesday voted to start debate on legislation that would codify same-sex marriage protections, paving the way for it to pass by the end of the week.

Senators voted 62-37 to advance the measure, with 12 Republicans joining with every Democrat. Lawmakers are expected to vote once again tomorrow to invoke cloture, setting up a final vote by the end of the week.

Once the Senate votes on final passage of the bill, the House will need to vote on the Senate’s version before it goes to President Biden for his signature. All of this needs to happen before the new Congress is sworn in on January 3 and the legislative slate is wiped clean.

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9 Responses to One Lump of Stupid or Two?

  1. Sirius Lunacy says:

    Sorry Ben! But I’ve watched enough Star Trek to know that aliens wouldn’t care about same sex marriages. They are already fine with cross species relationships. Particularly with the handsome Captain Kirk.

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  2. Does Ben even realize that “procreation” and “marriage” are not related at all?

    I have it on good authority that Martians are polyamorous (“Stranger in a Strange Land” by RA Heinlein )

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  3. and “…procreation relies on ‘man, woman, child’..

    If he thinks that he’s doing sex terribly , terribly wrong!

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  4. roket says:

    I believe the correct phrase is man woman child camera tv or somesuch.

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  5. Oneofthebobs says:

    I guess that when Elon gets to mars, he’ll totally fit in.

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