…and the beginning of a new era

Republicans get to work!

Again, Politico’s email thingie, compares and contrast with the Democrats:

REPUBLICANS SHARPEN THEIR KNIVES — Meanwhile, Republicans will be left to manage a narrow majority, likely no more than four seats, with weeks of internal wrangling still to play out as GOP leader KEVIN McCARTHY scrambles to win 218 speaker votes.

Pelosi’s big reveal obscured House Republicans’ first official day as a majority-in-waiting — and the announcement this morning from two incoming committee chairmen – Reps. JAMES COMER (R-Ky.) and JIM JORDAN (R-Ohio) — that they would launch an investigation into Biden’s possible involvement in his family’s business dealings.

Comer, who is expected to lead the House Oversight Committee, cited whistleblowers in claiming “a wide range of criminality” in the Biden family’s overseas financial dealings. The allegations, he said, raise “troubling questions about whether President Biden is a national security risk” and if he “is compromised by foreign governments.”

“We want the bank records,” Comer said. “We’re trying to stay focused on: Was Joe Biden directly involved with Hunter Biden’s business deals and is he compromised? That’s our investigation.” Read the GOP report

Jordan, in line to lead the House Judiciary Committee, promised to investigate reported political activity in the FBI and “the political nature of the Justice Department.”

It’s a reminder that while Democrats have been buoyed by Election Dayresults that weren’t half as bad as predicted, a majority is still a majority — and it comes with subpoena power. After watching Democrats bedevil former president DONALD TRUMP for four years, they’re more than ready for some payback.

benghazi, Benghazi, BENGHAZI!!1! show trials, all the way down. Sounds about right.

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  1. I’ll lay a thousand quatloos that some moron (likely Margie Three Toes) introduces an impeachment motion against Biden on day one, citing his felonious insistence on being a ‘Democrat’, and besmirching the name of Dear Leader Who Is The Rightful President

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  2. TheOtherHank says:

    It’s my understanding that in the current congress there has never been a day where all the reps were able to be at work. Given the narrow margin, what happens if say a sufficient number of GOP reps are unavailable (dead, sick, etc) such that the Dems have a temporary majority? Can they force a vote for Speaker?

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    • AFAIK they can only force a speaker change if the Speaker voluntarily resigns the post, quits Congress, is expelled, or it is the beginning of a new session, since they’re officially elected for the duration of each new Congressional term.

      Also, the House adopted rules to allow voting by proxy or remotely during the pandemic. It’s the Senate that requires voting to be in person.

      Or I could be wrong and it’s the other way around, but I do know it’s different for each chamber.

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      • RayLay says:

        Perhaps (fat chance) a few congressional republicans will consider becoming independent and caucus with the democrats in order to save democracy instead of owning the libs. Again, fat chance.

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  3. RWW says:

    I suggest that several of these incoming GOP chairpersons take a months-long junket to Australia in order to round up the requisite number of kangaroos needed for their court shenanigans. When they come back, things may have changed just a little.

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