Marriage Equality, Again

And Marriage Equality is back in the news:

The Senate is poised Wednesday to take a first procedural vote on the Respect for Marriage Act, which would enshrine marriage equality into federal law.

Democrats have warned since June that same-sex marriage and other rights could be at risk after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, which for nearly 50 years had guaranteed the right to an abortion in the United States.

“I want to be clear this bill is not a theoretical exercise,” Senate Majority Leader Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.) said on the Senate floor Monday. “It’s as real as it gets.”

So what did they have to do to get the theocrats on board, I wonder?

“Through bipartisan collaboration, we’ve crafted commonsense language to confirm that this legislation fully respects and protects Americans’ religious liberties and diverse beliefs, while leaving intact the core mission of the legislation to protect marriage equality,” the joint statement continued. “We look forward to this legislation coming to the floor and are confident that this amendment has helped earn the broad, bipartisan support needed to pass our commonsense legislation into law.”

“Religious Liberty” Where have I seen that before? Religious Liberty is a loophole that the Xristian Theocrats can drive a Crusade through. Tiger Beat:

The Senate bill would ensure that the federal government recognize a same-sex marriage if it was valid in the state it took place and couple moved to a state that does not recognize it. That would also apply to interracial marriage. It also would repeal the Defense of Marriage Act signed in 1996, which defined marriage as between one man and one woman under federal laws.

The bipartisan amendment clarifies that the bill would leave intact protections from a 1993 religious freedom law, which outlaws placing a substantial burden on people’s ability to exercise their religion. In addition, it states that nonprofit religious groups would not have to perform marriage services and that the bill would not impact their tax treatment.

So… the cake bakers can continue to deny services for the ‘mos, praise Jeebus.

One of the developments that alarms me is that the Mormons came out in favor of this (see what I did there?):

The doctrine of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints related to marriage between a man and a woman is well known and will remain unchanged.

We are grateful for the continuing efforts of those who work to ensure the Respect for Marriage Act includes appropriate religious freedom protections while respecting the law and preserving the rights of our LGBTQ brothers and sisters.

We believe this approach is the way forward. As we work together to preserve the principles and practices of religious freedom together with the rights of LGBTQ individuals, much can be accomplished to heal relationships and foster greater understanding.

I’m way too cynical about this, I suppose, but I suspect that there is a razor blade in the apple, or the Mormons would not be okay with this thing.

The statement follows other shifts from the church in recent years, including support for state anti-discrimination legislation and a 2019 reversal of its policy not to baptize the children of LGBTQ parents. In 2015, when the policy sparked uproar among LGBTQ Mormons, the church said “our concern with respect to children is their current and future well-being and the harmony of their home environment.”

In 2008, the church also backed Proposition 8, which banned same-sex marriage in California. It told California Mormons at the time: “We ask that you do all you can to support the proposed constitutional amendment by donating of your means and time to assure that marriage in California is legally defined as being between a man and a woman. Our best efforts are required to preserve the sacred institution of marriage.”

I do not know how far the religious exemptions go. The bill says “nothing in this act… shall be construed to diminish or abrogate a religious liberty or conscience protection otherwise available to an individual or organization under 26 the Constitution of the United States or Federal law.” And I suspect the Mormons realize that the bill allows them to discriminate against LGBTQ people in some circumstances, and well some circumstances are better than none.


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  1. Well, until Witchfinder General Alito dredges up some more 15th century “Deep English Law Tradition” that somehow supercedes the 9th and 14th Amendments to proclaim that “Religious Freedom” means he can impose his religion on all of us.

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  2. “LGBTQ+ Mormons”…. umm, no disrespect folks, but are you really sure that’s where you want to hitch your wagon?

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