Meanwhile, In Arizona

Arizona last night

Katie Hobbs dropped a house on Kari Lake.

Significant: the country now has 24 Democratic governors and 26 Republicans. During the 2018 Pie Fight, the country had 33 Republican governors, 16 Democrats, and an Independent. We’re making progress, Scissorheads!

And now we have a pretty well-proved case: Candidates who kissed Lord Damp Nut’s orange ass to win the primary ended up losing the general. The only places where his endorsed candidates won were bright red places where his candidates would have won anyway.

This puts Republicans between a rock and a rock head, and we can expect to see more of this as twice-impeached LOSER ex-prznint Stupid announces his candidacy today.

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3 Responses to Meanwhile, In Arizona

  1. Good news for Arizona; I don’t know why the SoS race hasn’t been called, and an uncomfortably narrow lead for Kris Mayes for Attorney General and the GOP shithead for school Supe has pulled ahead 😦

    ~44K (possible, this includes unverified provisional and drop-offs, plus 21K ballots ready to tabulate votes) to go. Sadly most of the remaining are in the redder areas of the state.


  2. And Krazy Lake went and tweeted, of course. LOLOLOL, Yes, Krazy, yes we do!


  3. MDavis says:

    We lost Sisolak. I have been seeing “recall Sisolak” signs around for a couple of years, now. Apparently, Nevadans would rather die than follow mandated pandemic guidelines.
    I hate this timeline. I read about a timeline before vaccines where a whole village isolated itself when they learned they had been infected with the plague. Neighboring communities helped out by trading stuff the village needed for what they still had to trade, in unmanned trading locations where all the precautions known at the time were taken. When was that, sometime in the 1600s?
    Progress, ammirite?

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